On the bridge of Death

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mindlegokid, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Today I was exploring the Nether attempting to find Wither Skeletons and I made a big mistake with bringing along my Looting III Sharpness IV Sword, Full diamond armour all enchanted and a stack of steak, what happened was I was crossing a dirt bridge having no clue of the lava below and the blaze above, the blaze shot me off the bridge and I fell into lava, I have no Fire Resistance potions or fire protection armour on and I am at the bottom of the lake. Obviously I am going to die holding my favourite and most rich armour and tools I have. Now I'm afraid to log into SMP9 because I will probaly still be in the lava pit.

    Wish me luck on surviving.
  2. that diamond armour of yours, is it protection III or IV enchanted?
  3. III
  4. All of it?
  5. Helmet and Chest
  6. Should have 2-3 secs I think, also, that split second when you just log in the damage proof too, if you are not that far from spawn and you can last long enuf I will bring a potion of fire res, spash that is, so it can reach you
  7. Too late, I died, R.I.P. Mindlegokid.
  8. Then i wish you a load of luck on surviving...