OMG! Spider Jockey!

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  1. No Joke! I just found my first one! This was a heck of one to find. It nearly killed me. I still love the wild and am teriffied of the hostile mobs.

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  2. {Blurred out cords and chat}
  3. Never seen a spider jockey. but then I don't go to the wilderness much...
  4. Towny much? Want to go with me on an adventure? I got a whole colony out there.
  5. Never even seen one on creative.
  6. I wasnt on creative.
  7. I have seen more then 3! All coming down the chute of my XP farm.
  8. Wow mind if I use your XP farm a bit for some rupees?
  9. I am sorry but I am not releasing the coords. to any more people.
  10. I'll go on an adventure with you if you come to smp 4(thats where all my supplies are):).
  11. Come to SMP8 You can join my colony and I'll let you borrow my xp farm. Just dont grief. Come onto SMP8 And /tell me. I will give you some iron tools.
  12. I'm starting. A new couldn't and I'm in the middle of doing a grinder search the thred empire army
  13. I have seen in the hole of the year of owning the game well since 1.5 I have seen 5-6 xD that it xD
  14. I have made many grinders :D But this is off topic now...
  15. I'm on SMP8 where is your colony?
  16. I was attacked by 3 in one night last week.. I also experience a natural superstorm and was struck by lightning which also killed several sheep and transformed one of my pigs into a zombie pigman in the wild..
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  17. Wow nice job marc where was it
  18. It was in Minecraft.
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  19. Really I thought it was in roblox
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  20. Oh yea I found Herobrine in Roblox.