OMG! Someone help me!

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  1. I got a red message on my Screen saying "You sense an eerie presence..." Near my Safe Zone house due south of the South East Outpost in the Wasteland Wilderness. Coordinates# (x: 2044) (y: 64) ( x: 9234)
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  3. He keeps doing that red message around my safe house. If you see this building, then he spawned near it, at the grassy shores.

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  4. Help!!! Marlix Spawn right near me, I ran into a cave and now he's flying around like a crazy chicken! I am exactly East of the South West Outpost. Coord# x: -1638/ y:64/ z: 1991
    Help!!! HE's going crazy!!!
  5. You can try to logout, wait some time until it despawn ?
  6. It doesn't despawn
  7. Me and Just_five_fun have slain it, no need to worry anymore :)
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  8. theres probably other ones flying around up there bro
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  9. Thanks for avenging my death! :D
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