OMG! Rude players! Sheeesh!

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  1. I’ve been playing on the EMC Servers for a while now and I thought I grew accustom to the people that play on these server, but sadly I was so ever wrong. I live on /v 2513 (Dagu Ranch) on the smp1 server in EMC, but like to got to other servers to see what they got and for certain supplies. Today I decided to get to the smp5 server to collect some more materials to upgrade my ranch. I played for over 4 hours straight, traveling far and wide in the wastelands wilderness collecting my material. I was headed back from my little excursion, when it became night and I was surrounded by mobs, I stack myself high on cobblestone away from any mobs reach. While on the high cobblestone pillar waiting for the sun to rise and the mobs to disappear, I noticed a player digging up the hillside in front of the safe zone about to be attacked by the burning mobs. He managed to kill the regular mobs but there were still some burning mobs on route to him. So I broke down my cobblestone pillar and when to take the burnt of the burning mob attacks and lure them away from him. After killing them and almost dead with only 2 hearts left, I managed to get to the safe zone to recover. I noticed that he was collecting dirt when I asked why collect dirt if there’s a lot in your plot, but he answered that he didn’t have a plot and was living in the wild for a year now. Then his comments began to be rude and he kept saying have a plot is for wimps, safety is for wimps. All this time I never once called him anything offensive, but he constantly insulted and teased me like saying “waaaah Waaah” and “you are weak”. So I decided to leave him alone and left. So if you guys run into this player named [EDIT] don’t confront him, just leave him alone unless you want to be verbally abused and teased. :(

    Name removed, please don't publicly accuse others ~Rainbow
  2. I know that players can seem mean to you,but it is not appropriate to publicly target a person, which could make them feel bad.
  3. I always knew there was something up with those melons.

  4. Some players can be rude and there's often nothing we can do about it. If you feel offended by him/her, just report them, try to get staff involved, then just leave. There's no need to make a whole thread for this.
  5. I always been a nice player and is not quite use to this type of rudeness! I always try to greet new players that just joined EMC and help start them up with the same kindness I received when I first started on the EMC servers. To be treated like hurt me bad and reminded me about my past traumatic experiences I have had when first playing Mine Craft! I have been grieved, bullied, tease, unjustly killed and been isolated from other players. I have had countless builds destroyed in front of me, while the groups that did it, just laughed at me and killed me every time I try to save the build. I have met corrupt Administrators and Moderators that have been abusing their powers, just for the sole purpose of hurting you, I have been falsely accuse and forced in to a jail cell for reporting a player bad things to me. I have had many more unsightly things happen to me that I would have never thought existed in this game. I spent countless hours searching and visiting over 200 MC servers just to find a place I can find some comfort and safety from such players. Then I stumbled upon a great server that I saw on the top 10 Mine Craft server lists. Therefore, I decided to give this server a chance, before I completely give up on playing Mine Craft. This was servers named Empire Mine Craft (EMC). The EMC Servers unlike all the other MC servers that I have been to is the one of the best and safest so far. That is until today is little incident, which has brought up some bad flash backs from a time when I was once treated like trash and isolated from the other players. I was just warning others so they will not experience the things that I already have thus far.
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    What you do is annoy them
    Or tell then that ^
  7. I am so glad that you have found your way to EMC, and I remember how unsure you were when you first got here. Please don't let one angry /mean player get you down. On the whole, we are a friendly group here, and this angry person is the outsider. I also think that this is a good example of when to /ignore playername
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  8. Sorry you had to meet such a person. I know what you mean. You meet this sort a lot in many servers. Fortunately, not so much here in EMC. If it's any consolation, it was very cool of you to climb down and save his ungrateful buttocks :)

    Don't sweat it. shrug it off, carry on. Most players are not like that. And those that are don't often stay long (they are looking for something more confrontational than EMC).
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  9. I'm very sorry that this happened :( Hopefully you can forgve this rare occurrence and continue playing with us. Have a (late) welcome to the Empire :)
  10. Thanks for all the replies back guys and no his remarks may have been hurtful, but I chose to not let it keep me down. It just caught me off guard when he said those things to me. I like the EMC servers that is why I still go to it. I realized that he chose to live in the wild and to not get a plot in town, Either by thinking it make him more braver or special or he may just needs some time to get use to social interactions with other players.
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