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  1. I may head down to gamestop now and pick up some sweet games.
  2. Woot! I can play Viva Pinata when I feel the need to just veg out again! (hopefully)
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  3. I would be more impressed if the backwards compatible games didn't require a full download of the game to work. x360 games are small in size, but hard drive space is always limited.

    Still very cool though.
  4. Also, Xbox one will be supporting Mods for Fallout 4

  5. As a Gears fan, it has been too long...
    But why 2016 ;-;
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  6. Gears of War Ultimate will be out in August, I know it is just reskinned GOW1 but still!
  7. You can buy 1TB+ External Hardrives that connect via usb for around 60-100 USD.
    EDIT: You can even use this and use a spare SSD if you have one.
  8. Can someone dumb down the whole backwards thing?
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  10. Xbox One can now player Xbox 360 games.

  11. Update #1 in the OP. Tom Clancy's The Division was just played in stream so I will update again when an HD video is up.
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  12. Got any news for Playstation? I frankly don't have the time to watch the press conference, lol. (Yes, I'm a Sony Pony).
  13. Sony news will be updated around 9PM EMC time and after. (Sony conference is at 9 EMC)
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  14. Those 5 games listed in the newest update made me go crazy!

    Also sorry for the early "bumps" just trying to keep you guys informed'
  15. UPDATE 3- 6/15 9:30EMC+

    Horizon:Zero Dawn- PS exclusive this game looks.... AMAZING!

    Hitman- Looks pretty cool!

    Destiny: The Taken King- OMFG I want!
    This is only half the items Sony has shown (half way through)- This post WILL be updated and I will not bump again so check this post again in an hour or so :).

    BO3 now getting PS stuff (so how Xbox used to get maps 1 month before PS, now it is switched around :( )

    Thats it guys, tomorrow we will have more things, depending on when I wake up if I can watch all the streams. The streams start at 9AM tomorrow.
    Alright, there was one more game-

    Uncharted 4!!!!
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  16. Dem Spoilers :p
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  17. Couldnt bother fixing them even though its easy.
  18. I have a dream, that one day Sony Ponies, Sweaty Xbox Tryhards, and the glorious, glorious PC master race can play COD DLC together as one...
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  19. I would have absolutely 0 problem with that.... but this is me atm-


    Anyways, I just woke up so time for twitch.