OMG Best tune ever :D

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  1. I listened to the whole thing, but the best one is "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" (19:52 - 27:49)

    Enjoy :)
  2. Its a shame no one likes it. :( Its a really good piece.
  3. Hmm, this may be inspiring. Working on a Brand new design for Minecraft. :D Need something like this to listen to
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  4. I played the Mars and Venus part is school band.
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  5. It's cool you found this, it's a great work. I think John Williams was definitely inspired by the Mars piece when writing the music for Star Wars.
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  6. Really? Thats cool. I want to play Jupiter with my school band :)
  7. Yeah, totaly. You can really here the entro of star wars in there.
  8. It isn't uncommon for that section to be played in Band - I know because I think I played it at one point :p lol

    A section of this is part of our warm up for Marching Band. Seems odd, but is pretty cool
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  9. Im hoping to get my band director to have my band play it :)
  10. Might happen but it would take a lot of practice to get right :)
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  11. Yeah, but practice make perfect :D Maybe we start at the beging of the year...
  12. The Jupiter part kind of reminds me of something from Kirby... Hmm...
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  13. A lot of artiat must of gotten some form of inspiration from these pieces.
  14. Twas mere' speculation. It's likely.
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