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  1. Woah! I am so surprised right now, and overcomed with joy!!! We'll announce our plans soon!!

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  2. Everyone else may give into you!
    But I never will!!! NEVAR!
  3. So everyone's getting married, but no one wants to marry Legitman..
  4. Wait, what ._.
  5. I bet
    I bet
    olaf is going to stab him with that diamond but he got on one knee so that he can stab upwards better.
    dun dun dunnnnnn
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  6. This was a bad idea but I am committed so I will go through with it. I am sorry darling but I will say it out loud and like it or not, we both know this is true. Simply, I am marrying him and plan to stab him in his sleep and get everything in the will :3

    I cannot believe I said yes.... This is what happens when I do an all nighter. Don't worry. If I go through with the wedding I am going to have a giant drop party. It will be bigger than both bitemenow15's and deathtomb8953's (power to da Playas)
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  7. It's ok patty cakes, we'll work out our problems before the wedding.
  8. Don't worry, i still love you. I just want all your money <3
  9. But man :(
  10. I am sorry. I really never wanted to marry. I am doing this for a good cause. I think our relationship would be stronger as friends

    Why do guys always want to marry me :confused:?
  11. I'm a dang cake!!! C'mon Olaf!!
  12. If you guys aren't going to work out, *strikes sexy pose* I'm all free ;)
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  13. I see you've already written your vows.
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  14. I will host the..
    Screw it, Let's have a PARRRRRRTAAAAY :D
  15. Brick.... I am doing this for the purpose of a partay
  16. Well, I want a party.
    Oh, and I OBJECT!
    We need drama.
    Marc, will you get killed by a clock or... killed by a brick?
  17. As big as mine???

    I'll try to show up wuth a wedding gift =)
  18. Lol. I will try. Currently plannig to buy at least two dc's of diamond and one dc of lapis, emeralds, and the other ignots. Other than them I will fill everything with random things with some value and a few promo's.

    P.S. Happy to help if you want to make a Doctor Who Season 8 Partay :p
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  19. Cause you're #awesome.