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  1. I am probably the oldest player on Empire and maybe the oldest player on any minecraft server. I play minecraft with 2 of my 3 great grand children. The youngest is too young to play yet.

    I am a US Navy retiree, with 30 years of service. I retired in 1985 (before most minecraft players were born). I spent my entire Navy career working on Flight Simulators. They were like big million dollar computer games. It was only natural that I also like playing computer games. The first computer I played on was an Apple II and the fun never ended. Today I play on a Falcon Northwest Tiki.

    Finding this server was a happy moment. I had been looking for a server that didn't center around PVP and I found it. I look forward to many hours (days, years?) of fun.
  2. Welcome To the empire its a really awesome server i love it here
  3. Welcome to the empire! I'm sure you will like it here!
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  4. first of all I would like to thank you for your service. Also Welcome to the empire and I look forward to meeting and getting to know you. I hope you stick around and have a great time with you great grand children.

    see you around metboy2002
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  5. To begin, thank you for your service in the Navy! :) It's wonderful to see older players playing (children at heart. ;)). I have been playing on the Empire for close to four years now and I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I and many others do.
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  6. Welcome to the empire :) theres a program called mumble thats a voice program thing its fun :) hope you like it here :)
  7. Hi Oldspook. Welcome to the Empire. I would guess your age at about 78 to 80, based on your info of retiring after 30 years service in 1985. (Thanks for your service.) As I am only a young 66, I will definitely concede to you the oldest playing member on the server.;) Enjoy your stay here and have fun playing with your great grandchildren.:)
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  8. Okay, I must admit: you are probably one of the oldest members here :p
    Welcome! :)