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What Level Do You Mine Diamonds At? [ Block Level You Are Standing On While Mining ]

16 2 vote(s) 4.0%
15 0 vote(s) 0.0%
14 0 vote(s) 0.0%
13 2 vote(s) 4.0%
12 8 vote(s) 16.0%
11 27 vote(s) 54.0%
10 5 vote(s) 10.0%
9 3 vote(s) 6.0%
8 3 vote(s) 6.0%
  1. Hello People! Lately, watching the video's by famous minecraft youtubers explaining where and how to mine diamonds better, i still wasn't convinced enough cause wasn't finding as much as others were, so i decided to make a poll, with all 8 levels diamonds usualy spawn in, before voting, the block level you vote for is the block you are standing on, for example, if F3 says you are at Y: 10, that would be the block you are standing on. Also, tell me in the replies how you mine for diamonds!
  2. I would say either 11 or 12. I prefer 12, but you can do as low as you want.
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  3. I am really interested in how you guys mine, but i've been mining in 3 layers lately, 10 11 and 12, the most efficient at the moment was 11, but still i felt like i am not getting the max efficiency, any tips on that guys?
  4. I mine at 11 and 12, but I stand on 11 and I look at 12
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  5. I stand at 11 and mine a 2 x 2 straight tunnel.
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  6. most fast easy way to get diamonds?
    X-ray >=>

    Just mine a 3x3 tunnel at 11
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  7. Diamonds are going to be between bedrock and 12. I also mine out 3 levels when I mine. So in effect I am looking at 5 levels. I stand on level 7 (maybe 8) and if there are any diamonds on levels 6,7,8,9,10 I will see them. Diamonds tend to be in clusters so if there were diamonds on level 5 or 11 there is at least a 50% chance I will get them too. If you are standing at 11 or 12 you end up going above 12 and will identify fewer diamonds.
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  8. 11 is best because it's the same height as the block above lava pools.
  9. You're saying all lava pools are at the same level? I'm not so sure about that.
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  10. Most lava pools are at y 10. Sure, lava can spawn above that, but the pools you'll come across while mining are all at y 10.

    I branch mine at y 11 with a Mineral Mincer, exploring caves as I go.
  11. 2x2 would be very inefficient. If you still want to mine the same amount of blocks, use this method (S is stone, A is air):


    It's a lot more efficient than digging a tunnel that's two wide. You're exposing six blocks every block you dig (if you use two strip mines) compared to the four you'd be exposing if you used your method:


    Same amount of blocks dug, and more diamonds if you skip two blocks in between.
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  12. I know pools spawn below that too.
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  13. Mine on y=11
    You are a block above lava so its easy to water bucket and walk straight over.
    NEVER mine 2x2, the most effiicient blocks dug/blockes revealed is 1x2. After I place a torch I dig into the wall of my tunnel as far as I can reach because 1x1 has the highest blocks dug/revealed ratio
  14. I have been mining for a while I find the most commonly around level 9

    Diamonds spawn to a range of y: 16 -> 1

    Wiki says the best places to find diamond is in between 5-12 Mid range is 9 so that is why I mine there.

    But here is a article that will help you with "Branch Mining" aka Strip mining.
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  15. That may be true, but then you have to deal with lava.
  16. True, but that is why you have a water bucket right ;)
  17. I actually just make stairs down to badrock and then go up through the stairs until it feels like i'm going to get Diamonds there. I go by my gut and it usually goes well. I usually end up in 9-14 anyways
  18. Y-10 and y-6 diamonds can be found between bedrock and y15 but above 11 the chances of finding them drop dramatically. There is multiple data mining articles just use google. If you are standing on y-12 or y-11 you are safer but not going to find diamonds nearly as often.
  19. I personally like


    more. Reasoning behind that, is that a majority of the time, ores come in deposits that span at least 2 blocks in width.


    Kind of see what I mean? You're granting yourself a broader range of mining, with no two-wide deposits that can go undiscovered on either side (that is, if the ores are on your level.)
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  20. With that approach you are missing the ones in the floor and above you (if you mine at lower y levels) to strip a chunk like that you would have to mine only 3 y levels below to get all ores instead of 4 like I do 6,10

    Edit, the ores that would be above and below the S in that figure