Old Screenshots focus and more Part 1

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where you in any of these pictures or mentioned?

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  1. ok so I was looking around my screenshots and I found these:
    this one here is me and Keldeo178 in the old days on a mining trip dated 11-6-2014
    this one is my old res's sheep farm first res actually at 14944 on smp7 dated 11-10-2014
    2014-11-28_14.46.00.png 2014-11-28_14.46.02.png 2014-11-28_14.46.07.png 2014-11-28_14.46.13.png 2014-11-28_14.46.22.png 2014-11-28_14.46.26.png 2014-11-28_14.46.33.png 2014-11-28_14.50.15.png
    these are Lance2013's Water Timer dated 11-28-2014
    second version of my res on smp7 and the birch wall is my advertisement of Kerry the Cat a biography of my cat that died and her grave is behind me this is dated 12-14-2014
    this is tomijo95's res and her poppy this picture is dated 12-14-2014
    2014-12-30_14.34.38.png 2014-12-30_14.30.50.png
    these are screenshots of my res after I let people destroy it and one of my friends and well I moved that day the picture's are dated 12-30-2014
    My res me and cadenman before I moved haven't had a decent conversation with him since and this move is the worst decision I ever made I shouldn't have moved the picture is dated the date of the picture above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    My pub Named Kerry's Pub not much buisness so I closed decor by BlueDolphinGirls my only true friend the picture is dated 01-10-2014
    Me and septhebaby
    2015-02-05_16.53.30.png 2015-02-05_16.54.11.png 2015-02-05_17.05.35.png
    people at firefloor I met
  2. I love how you call it the good old days, while it's so short ago :p
  3. well I was havin' more fun and had more friends and didn't have nothin' much to care about so it was the "GOOD" old days