Old requests are no longer being done

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Caeyde, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Sorry guys, but all of the old requests in my To Do List are no longer going to be worked on.
    I wish I could do them, but I just don't have the motivation for them at all, and it's really starting to drag me down. I probably won't be taking requests here anymore, unless I do it as first come first serve with 1 or 2 spots. It's just, having a lot of people ask in a short period of time isn't the right way to do it, and I've learnt from that now. Several of the people on the list have left, and I feel like even if I do complete them all, some people won't see their drawings anyway.

    If you seriously want your request done, send me a message and I'm sure I can get something done for you
    Edit: I'll be drawing friends and random members, but not on request. Don't ask for them, please, even if you are a friend

    Sorry Empire, this wasn't exactly part of the plan
  2. Aww, I was looking foward to seeing your art.
    Oh well, seems like you made the best choice here. : )
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