Old derilict build at Frontier East. SMP7

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  1. There looks to be an old derelict not well built mob spawner out here. There is also an ocean monument, that I would like to build another sushi drop at.

    I would like the communities and the Mods , ok to destroy this old spawner to recover the looks of the place and restore the monument above the water as a start point for public utility on smp7.

    I will not do anything till, the community and the MODs say it is ok.

    I would apprecate feedback on this from any and everyone.

    Thanx in advance,


    visit my place on 7 at +cube
  2. Tough calls. I'd like to see pictures if you could post of the old spawner and ocean monument.
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  3. Just go to Fontier East on smp7 and face north. It is right on the edge of the outpost. The monument players have taken a lot of the blocks already I just need the floor of it.

    The monument is just to the left and past the old mob spawner.

    Got images to work. :rolleyes:
  4. Can I get a few people to look at this and tell me what they think. I really would like to start up a public utility on smp7.

    Thanx in advance
  5. Message a staff member on the forums and see what they say. The community has no say in whether or not you can remove it. If the player is still active you have to leave it.
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  6. Also before you even start saying you want to build a public utilitie there you would need permission and you would have to plan the whole thing out and get some people to help you and help supply etc... hard work XD
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  7. I just went out there and took a look. It for the most part is made of dirt. I did find a few slabs of oak. I tried to break it to find out a name the block placer. Unfortunately it broke so it was placed before 2014.

    Seeing that it's utterly a disaster. By that I mean it's been griefed a few times and hasn't ever been repaired/maintained.

    As far as the ocean monument goes. It looks like fair game. All that's left of it is about 95% of the floor. There are mined tunnels under it but I couldn't find any base of operations.

    I'd say the ocean monument is fair game, no-ones placed a base there. The dirt spawner you'll need a mod to say it's alright.
  8. I always overlook the torches. There are torches on the inside of that dirt spawner. A player named Matthew5654 placed them there. Presumably he is also the one that made the dirt spawner. According to /p that player hasn't been on in 372 days, first sign in was 423 days ago.
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  9. Tower could you supply coords for me? I'll take a look this evening.
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  10. Thanx for all the replies. I have a plan on the first part of the utility. I have all the pris block from a completely different monument. I demolished in the waste west. It a nice place to go hang out and kill slimes if you need to, that's all that spawns there now.

    And as far as help goes, any and everyone is welcome to help with the construction. I will be build an ocean monument at 2 blocks above water level for the public utility hub. With the first Utility being a sushi drop similar to that on smp8.

    I will be working on finishing the mall at my res so I can focus on the utility. Most of the time. I do work but I am a building fool. :confused:

    Just check out my rez and you will see how much I have done in a short time. All mats for my rez I mined myself, except for a stack of slim block to makae pistons. :D

    And again Thank you all for you suggestions and commit, most appreciated.

    Rez on smp7 +cube
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  11. Derelict structure in question has been removed. Good luck cube.
  12. Thanks a lot Eviltoade and the whole community. I will try and get smp7 a public utility up and running soon. And thanx for the luck. The worst part is just going to be clearing the water, that is time consuming. :confused:
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  13. it would be cool to have a 3rd public sushi drop