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  1. I bet a lot of people will see this thread and have no idea who I am and don't care but I think you will enjoy this read. Today marks a big day in my EMC lifetime, today is my 300th day. I look back on myself in February and think "I was an IDIOT back then :p". Over time though I have adapted and overcome. I went from an immature, loser to the involved community member... and it only took me 10 months :oops:. Over this time I have made a lot of friends and have met many people and done many things but I still look to the future for more. One day I hope to become an architect for the MC world, and become the next AlexChance (basically monopolize the entire Empire). I dream big and from what I can tell, I have made my dreams come true.

    I am separating my story into 5 parts to go with different phases of my empire life.

    When I first joined it was only about 2 weeks after Max and Aikar were promoted to admin. I came to this server back when I was really bitter and sour. I really at this time in my life hated everyone and everything, accept minecraft. It was a troubling time in my RL life due to my family having financial issues and moving to a new school. I came here knowing nothing and I sure did make some mistakes. First, for about 3 weeks I bought EVERYTHING from the empire shop without knowing there were other shops to sell to or even buy from. Second, I had no idea's about the rules of the empire. I would beg, I would spam, just over all immature. I eventually decided to get it together and I made a small business. I made some money off it but not much. I did it for 2 months and realized I could not do it affectively. I tried hiring employee's who either quit on me or greifed me. This lasted up until my 100th day until I finally decided to be serious about this server..

    After my 100th day I started to partner with a real life friend's brother to make a shop or mall. We constantly worked and planned and made many connections but it all came to one thing. With 730, 509, 405, 413, 1728, 2222, 2572, and so many other malls open on smp1, a mall seemed not very profitable and would take up time I simply did not have. At this time I had no idea what to do with my life on Empire and was bored. I was still relatively new when I learned about the moderator application when I saw it posted after checking an auction I had. I wanted to become a mod but obviously that did not work out as i explain in this quote:
    I was so mad about it and so furious when I did not get the position I caused a huge racket and outrage and almost got a permanent ban and ruined any chance I would have at mod. Today, like the text says, I do not want mod and someone deserves it better than me. Back then though, the ban I got taught me something important, self control

    After my ban I started to calm down and simply, just be me and not something I am not. I eventually found what I wanted to be and make my mark for on the empire! I wanted to be one of the most charitable people and to help the community in anyway I can. A few days later I came up with the idea for "The Empire Good Samaritan Award" which was loosely based of AlexChance's CRAFTA/Community Appreciation Award but had a different style and was conducted (in my opinion) in a more orderly fashion. With this award I officially branded myself with that title. I eventually finished up the award and began a business with my new friend, samsimx (infinite villagers). Due to school I dropped out of the business but I was able to make a little bit of money during that time. I set off to make a second good samaritan award . This award has taken months in planing and will be much more organized in the future (compared to the last GSA which I created in 1 day because I was bored). This time is when I finally became a great member and evolved into the person I am now.

    It was after my 250th day when I really did not know what to do since GSA ended. I wanted to do a new one but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life ingame. I then started a new project with Eclipsys. The project storms on but then i still needed something else so I started to explore the other SMP's and then came across smp7. After then I found a great community with much to do. I was skeptical about it until I met my wonderful husband on there, deathconn (long story). I am currently working on a home there and plan to stay for a while. I am now working hard on the GSA 2 and plan to have the contest prepped by my 1 year anniversary.

    I hope in the future I will open a shop, continue GSA, and make more amazing friends. Thanks to everyone for a great time.

    Part 2 is below
  2. I have made a lot of friends along the way here. I am grateful for every single one :)

    • jkrmnj
    • runnerboy72000
    • optimusdylan200
    • stormboy231
    • demonthunder345
    • cutejuliew
    • eclipsys
    • xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    • nick5013
    • skydragonv8
    • darksuperlord
    • highlancer54
    • jimbonothing64
    • samsimx
    • _Stads_
    • maxthegreat2
    • battmeghs
    • alicef3
    • flamingpotato42
    • rainbowchin
    • 5weety
    • auggie235
    • beefjerkybrofist
    • mba2012
    • wisepsn
    • jake_bagby
    • brickstrike
    • Todd_Vinton
    • jacob5089
    • generalfelino015
    If you are not in there do not be offended. I will add you in if i forgot about you.

    Giveaway: I will be giving away a haunted head, a turkey slicer and a holiday pick for the competition. Pick a number 1-60 below. If I reach 60 it will be expanded. 1st place is the turkey slicer, second is the pick and 3rd is the head.

    1. Netherworld666
    2. firstjugburgerz
    3. rock00888
    4. homer71171
    5. skydragonv8
    6. bobthetomato9798
    7. bftbg
    8. B4DMAN5IMON
    9. Marine4121
    10. nick_godoy
    11. darkangledav
    12. flamingpotato42
    13. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    14. IronicSwordPlay
    15. ToriDesu
    16. OrigamiJoe
    17. runningrhino
    18. LadBlo
    19. amadai
    20. THE_LEGEND4
    21. cddm95ace
    22. hashhog3000
    23. MoeMacZap
    24. deathconn
    26. Dj__Krazy
    27. generalfelino015
    28. mike5282
    29. wolfegab
    30. skrillexrocks500
    31. wolfthunderblade
    32. demonthunder345
    34. _angle13
    35. melk73
    36. canuckshockey
    37. xHaro_der
    38. adondrabkin
    39. thundereco
    40. Dr_Hacksaw
    41. Maxthegreat2
    42. Amusedstew
    44. kiashisama
    45. damiensmom11
    46. 607
    47. akela132
    48. Brickstrike
    49. Jimbonothing64
    50. slip_stream
    51. Importerer
    52. Hylianninja
    53. jaydenferrer123
    54. spidey329
    55. jacob5089
    56. collect12
    57. noahmarcuswhite
    58. crabcakes200m
    59. rundercaster
    60. gollark8

    • deathconn, my wonderful husband (long story)

    EDIT: You can ask me a question and it is completely optional.
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  3. we need part 2 plz.
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  4. WIP. Making it now.
  5. What about me and the Hall of Crafting Project with you :eek:
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  6. 'Midlife Crisis'

    Ahh, youngling... by that logic i'm an old man. :p
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  7. I was putting that in until I was rushed to put in the giveaway part.
  8. 42 please and congratz.
  9. 32 And Congratulations Olllllaaaaaffffff
  10. 33 please. Congrats on 300 days!
  11. 43 please. Congrats Olaf! I didn't realize I had been on (slightly, but still) longer than you had! Hope you have many more days of fun and enjoyment on EMC!
  12. I love reading your story, and can relate to some of it, you've come a long way and I'm proud to know you! Good luck in your 300+ days!
    Also 15 ;)
  13. Congrats on 300 days!

    I, for one, welcome a new Olaf_C overlord.

    Could you put me at 15 if it's open? :)

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  17. I remember dese days... The days of no creativity... :(
    57 and happy 300th
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