Olaf_C -- A Movie Star!?!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. After searching for movies to watch, I come across this.

    So this means 2 things: Olaf is a snowman and he is famous.

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the snowman's name!
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  4. lol i watched this movie 2 days ago and when i saw that snow man i couldn't stop and think that olaf_c is that snowman xP
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  6. I get the comparison daily. Frozen is easily my favorite animated movie. I seem funny but in reality i am just really stupid and a bit of a nut ball. I think only with my heart, not my brain.
    Thanks i guess :/
    Stop making me feel guilty :p.

    I just realized this is the second thread about me being famous :confused:. Remember the head forum you shared? LOL.
  7. Sounds perfectly fine to me. :D
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  8. I haven't seen this yet... My sister has though. She told me the whole plotline, beginning, and the end. I only asked for the beginning :(

    When she told me the Snowman's name, I just automatically looked up and said "C?". She looked at me like I was high on ecstasy :p
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  9. I really liked frozen. Mostly I don't like princesses, but I like this because of all the ice effects. Disney did well.
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  10. I seen Brave, thinking "Oh, a female protagonist who doesn't have massively good looks. Looks good.". I was so wrong >.> The film was quite bad and some elements of it were sexist. I like Frozen though. It has both a female and male protagonist and from what i've seen/heard it's not sexist :p
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  11. Welcome to my world...
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  12. Exactly what I liked about the movie. Most disney movies has an accidentally racist and/or sexist character, not this one.
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  13. Eh, I wasn't as much paying attention to the plot as I was to thinking 'ah pretty sparkles'
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  15. Dude my browser just froze....
  16. I liked frozen. :p
    My favorite character was the reindeer. Reminded me of my dogs :p
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  17. Sven.
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  18. The funny looking donkey or the reindeer?
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  19. Sven is the Reindeer I think, with the blond guy.
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  20. It is a joke from the movie. When they first meet the snowman they are telling one another names. Olaf asks "who is the funny looking donkey" and Ana replies "Sven". Olaf then says "and who is the reindeer?" "Ana says Sven".
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