Okay, Lets compromise guys.

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  1. So everyones been craving PvP like mad, and most people dont want it. But. What if we compromise! Instead of a PvP server, how bout a Hunger/Survival Games Server! This would be good because it would add PvP, but you wouldnt loose your stuff. As well, people could have fun as a community, instead of in regular PvP, where the community is full of hate and rage D: Also, this could make up for the Arena server, but it would get more players because HG servers are very popular. Now before you say "no." Think about it, im trying to benefit ALL of the community, not just PvP wanters.
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  2. I know one.... Are we aloud to talk about other servers? Like say the address? Because its a good PvP server/hunger games.....
  3. I love you :D, Hunger Games is fun, and funny thing, its vanilla except for the coding. Easy to maintain and lots of popular servers have them because they are just so darn fun. Now, before people start thinking you will get prizes or will be able to use the /vault, that wouldn't be very fair would it?

    I've been waiting for EMC to give me an adrenaline boost for awhile now. I haven't had one since I found a triple spawner and I had to fight off hordes of zombies and other creeps. This is definatley Waffle approved ;)
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  4. Unless you want to be banned, no.
  5. *zips mouth*
  6. Everyone vs. Most People?

    Mr. Spock says "Not logical." ;)
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  7. You have to make everyone happy though. Hunger Games is not original, but overdone and PvP would be nice as TEXP is just a way to see who wastes the most time AFK at their grinder I'm sorry to say. I think PvP would be nice as it gives the people who like to live in the wild an opportunity to really live in the wild, not our watered down version.
  8. No. No advertising
  9. I thought this was a good idea because it satisfies both needs of people.
  10. One for EMC is being made by Xatharon. ICC has given the all clear for it. :)
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  11. You can never make everyone happy. You can please some of the people some of the time all of the people some of the time some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.

    EMC does what it does, really well.

    It doesn't do PVP. Nor does it attempt to publish videos, or provide other computer games, or sell cheese. Other servers do that stuff. I think it's best if EMC sticks to what it does best - providing a community of minecraft players; and any kind of PVP is the antithesis of that.
  12. So what you are saying is that PvP is bad (in a nutshell).
  13. Not at all. Each to his/her own.

    I don't like jazz, so I don't go to jazz clubs.

    I like thrash-metal, so I attend those venues

    If the thrash-metal venue starts playing jazz, I stop going to it (even if they mostly play thrash).

    See what I mean? I come to EMC for the community spirit; I don't think PVP is compatible with that.
  14. EMC is meant to grow. Once it becomes static as it is doing NOW it will lose players.
  15. We are already losing players.. Some are leaving because its turned into a caucus over the whole 1.3 update and the pvp debate.. The infighting is driving people away. :(
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  16. I like the idea. People don't want PvP in the wild. EMC is great about it. The thing is about pvp servers is that people don't want to get killed. They want to play Minecraft. But if people want to fight, they go to Hunger Games servers, I think it would be very promotional to EMC.
  17. If we get pvp then I leave, simple, I hate the whole atmosphere of PvP servers. :(
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  18. I'm kinda bored of the hunger games ..... What's so good about hunger games! Paint ball is better!