Ok, now i'm pissed.

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  1. So, I got my virtual copy of Sim City 5 today, and I put in the redeem code on Origin, and guess what, THE CODE, IS ALREADY, USED. Nice job EA, you gave me a code for a game that I waited for for over two months to get, that is already used.
  2. U_U darn EA, hope you can get it fixed soon, must be really frustrating.
  3. sucks for you :(
  4. Thats sad :(
    I hope you get it fixed as soon as possible ;)
  5. I hate that it's always online. I had great plans to be playing on flights :(
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  6. Same thing happened to me with NHL 2012.
  7. Have you ever been so angry, that you complained about a game on an other games forum?

    I know who was

  8. You should call them up and demand that you get a new code for free. I think if you play it right they'll give you another one.
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  9. Never trust EA to hold up their bargains, never. Don't expect any real help from their Customer Support squad either. Just get up, turn around, lie face down on the floor and curse EA eight-fold while sacrificing a goat.
  10. The only time I have gone to EA's customer service department, it took me like a solid two hours and three different people, and I got accused of lying, before someone finally fixed my problem. It was infuriating how long it took just to solve a simple problem......but, they do make great games, so I can only have on EA for so long before I get bored and go play BF3 XD
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  11. They make great games by exploiting their workers. EA is what I like to call a "dirty corporation".
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  12. And this is so true. They've been hiring text testers in my country for a few years already, and every year there's a big campaign for hiring new ones. Wonder why...
  13. The thing that really sucks about this is that I had a Math exam, a Social test, and a dentist appointment today and I was hoping I could come home to this and relax. Well, that didn't happen.
  14. I now feel justified in my stance of never buying anything from those money hungry vampires.
  15. EA is why I stopped playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. when it was exclusively pay to play I tried it out and liked it but it go to the point we couldn't afford it so dropped it. When I got on the Free to play part they had it so restricted that they were basically forcing you to pay to play. They also wouldn't incorporate a lot of what Bioware wanted, such as the ability for same sex partnerships like in Mass Effect and countless other things. They even state on their website that if you need technical support to call them otherwise you're screwed. They were going to charge a friend for an error they made in the little key ring code thing they have like Blizzard does WoW.

    I also saw a post that someone put on Imgur where they posted a lengthy thing on their forum when something didn't authenticate for their game and said their crappy security and inability to provide a working game/code made it the reason people would pirate the game and instead of replying or helping they simply banned them.
  16. When I bought the Limited Edition of BF3, I was like "Yeah! I get Back to Karkand for free!". Then I find out in order to pretty much keep up to speed with the game I need to pay another $60 for something called Battlefield Premium, which other than maps, pretty much gave the richer people a slight advantage over me on account of their shiny new guns that come with the maps. After that, I began to notice that it really was just a money making scheme, and that they don't really care much for the people like me who can't really pay $60 for a bunch of DLC that's going to be released over the next two years, when the game is pretty much old.

    I'm happy I didn't waste $60 on BF3, but I'm not happy I wasted $60 on Need for Speed Most Wanted.
    I guess I'll never learn. It's still a decent game though, and they need to get rid of this 'Online Pass' garbage.
  17. i just got this game Saturday, but i have played every NFS game to date, except the run, i have never personally had problems with EA, the only games i have bought from them is the sims series and NFS.

    dont tell me how the game ends, i enjoy the aspect of riding around in a virtual car on my PC xD
  18. I pretty much only like EA's Need for Speed series. Even then, the past two games have had bad reviews (I've never tried The Run, but I have the iOS port of Most Wanted, which is decent). The last great one was Hot Pursuit. Also, the Battlefield series is good too, along with Simcity.
  19. I have this problem alot with EA games. Stupid codes. For some reason,they got freaked out when I called them one. Gave me free copy of Civilization V when I got Skyrim.
  20. Well, that's kinda the problem I have with the game. It doesn't really have a plot to it. Other than I need to be taking down members on the Most Wanted list, there isn't much else. No characters like there was in the old one, I can't really put way points on the map to where I want to go, the way I get into races and upgrade my cars is a bit annoying.

    I've tried the online a bit. I have it for Xbox, and the online is playable. The last time I played it I actually figured out what was going on and how the game chose what to do next. I kinda like how I can drive around and find some pretty nice cars, only to end up completely wrecking it in a 180+ mph crash.
    I think that it could be better than it currently is.

    I've also got some Medal of Honor games too. The classic ones, not the garbage remakes. Although I do own the first remake, just to see what it was like. I still have MoH Allied Assault, and that works fine, some people even still play online. The old EA games were probably the best. Now, it's just a pure money making scheme.