Oh, What To Do....

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  1. ...When Minecraft logins are down?
    Oh yeah, that's right.
    Create an infinite (in theory) villager spawner in order to get whatever item you want! :p
  2. Build my single player lair more.
  3. Make TNT cannons in creative mode and blow stuff up.
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  4. Plan to take over the world.
  5. Plan to stop Jack from taking over the world and then plan to take over it myself :p

    And make a EMC Chrome Extension
  6. I can make a full auto TNT cannon. 16-round. Triple Barrel. Shoots TNT around 100 blocks.
  7. Play Terraria.
    Is like minecraft, but the difficulty is quite higher.
  8. I like to make cannons that shoot me into orbit, very fun.
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  9. 2 Words-Animal cannon

    Its outdated so you cant actually build it anymore.
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  10. I revisited a map of mine called, "How Long Can I Go Without TNT?". How long did I go you may ask? I built an adventure map. A short one, but fun.
  11. Make sure to bring Pinky along ;)
  12. Pfft.. I already did that.
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  13. Try to mine Bedrock...
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  14. http://youtu.be/KJCew8qq2_o
    Not sure how you put the video in the post but this link has another that's pretty cool, but it isn't TNT powered, but villager powered.
    Found it while figuring out how to make a TNT cannon.
  15. Thats amazing
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  16. We have the same Texture Pack :eek:
  17. Slap Jack, make more tinfoil hats, put on more tinfoil hats, kick Jack, destroy all satellites, slap Jack again, proceed to make more tinfoil hats, yell "HE'S AN ALIEN!!", jump on Jack, make a cheesecake, eat the cheesecake, buy an electric organizer, plan events, events are: All Day, Slap/Kick/Jump on Jack, yell "HE'S AN ALIEN" again, repeat.
    Repeat to SparerToaster
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  18. Don't how long i'm going to be able to go without EMC servers for much longer...
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