Oh Villagers, why you no love each other?

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  1. Hi, I have been having an issue where my villagers will not breed, so ive come to the conclusion that they just dont love one another. Aikar musve made them hate each other, so Aikar if you read this, why they no love eachother?
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  2. so aikar can ruin the econmy
  3. -_-
  4. Are you using doors? ._.
  5. Yes you can even see it, 3339 on smp2.
  6. Slap them with a fiesh, punch it. See if they wanna make some seafood.
  7. Might just have to try that....
  8. Hmm. I just logged in and sat there for a few minutes, and nothing.... Very strange.
  9. *sees bonzd sitting there, an elbow on his knee and a fist under his chin, staring at the villagers not loving each other*

    *rolls on the ground, choking* *dies*
  10. Yea, for some reason they wont breed... maybe i should pm Aikar?
  11. Give them flowers, then invite them to the most expensive restaurant in Town, and heap some rose petals on their bed, then wait 9 months and you will probably have a baby villager with some luck.
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  12. :O good idea
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  13. i see the problem :) come to your res
  14. Andy has fixed my problem :D
    If anyone else has this issue, you must have a full block above the actual door.
  15. ?
    what do you mean by that?
  16. You could go to my smp2 res at 3339 and see for yourself
  17. Haha nice