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  1. I just came here after one of my favorite servers shut down and a server that became overcrowded with PVP people that raided the peaceful people.

    Of course, you can assume by reading the first sentence that I came here since it was PVP free, including no stealing of course. On the other server, they didn't offer as much items as EmpireMinecraft had in the stores, even the discs. I found EmpireMinecraft from MineStatus, just that the highest server I found was the smp3. As said, the EmpireGuide told me to go into smp4 and I might stay there until I finish my home over at 9068 on smp4 then move onto smp2 for the park feature.

    I'm no redstone genius or a great builder, but I do make a few good builds and a few redstone contraptions that's admirable. Though my smp4 home would be a challenge as I want to make a multilayer underground farm to mass produce bookscases, bread, cake, mushroom stews, beef, pork, chicken, charcoal, pine wood, birch wood, and oak (normal) wood ;).

    In any case, hi Citizens of the Empire.
    Oh, you guys use XenForo too because I recognized the emoticon.
  2. Awesome, great to have you! Sorry to hear about your old server. I would like to see your place when it is done :_
  3. Welcome to the Empire! Your plans sound awesome! I would love to see your farm when it's finished.
  4. Welcome
    I know how you feel, this is the exact same reason I came to EMC in the first place ;) The server and community here are just great, and very friendly.

    Welcome to the Empire gettinthere :)
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  5. I found a new plot that was 7 plots away store instead of some 15 plots away where /v open sent me. ._.
    Now I need to wait for 18 hours for /res unclaim. Although I would keep my home's design, I'm going to change the shop part into a mall or some exotic build sort.

    Mostly underground except for the animals ;)