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Dec 25, 2011
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Today redstone. Tomorrow landscaping. Jan 31, 2012

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Feb 16, 2012
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      Today redstone. Tomorrow landscaping.
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    I'm a redstone person, also landscaping on a small scale. I'm not really a hand-to-hand combat person, maybe more to the farmer. I came here and this is my fifth community I've been with, if you consider for stays longer than one day. I've visited places that were ranging from quiet to loud or even ban-happy. I've even visited places that were close to empty but sometimes I didn't stay for a day. Out of the five communities I visited, I like this one and another one. However, I left the other one for now because of the rise of PVP and things got messy as there were many fights. When I get the chance to visit in the peaceful times, I'll go there. As for here, it brings out the creative side as where the other place was limited in size. I can talk more, but that'd make the community probably more noticeable and I'd get under fire for advertising.

    If you read this and you found grammar issues, please tell me. I am an English learner student. Even though I have little errors, I do make mistakes on punctuation and grammar conventions.