Oh Look, Another Marlix Suggestion!

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  1. I suppose I should jump on the bandwagon and make a Marlix suggestion of my own to make combating him a little easier. How about making shiny arrows have the effect of slowing him to half his speed for 20 seconds if he gets hit by one. Thoughts?
  2. I don't get the whole, "make him easier to kill," thing lately. Isn't the point to have a challenge? Sure he can be a pain in the rear to kill at times, but isn't that a part of what makes the reward so worthwhile?
  3. I love a good challenge, but the point is to make the battle fun, and not annoying as heck and rage inducing.
  4. A challenge is not trying to pinpoint random movement. A challenge is having to use resources to win with strategy.
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  5. My problem is not with your opinion, I definitely share it. My problem is with the "reward so worthwhile". Have you seen the prices from Marlix's drops lately? In fact, Momentus' too, it's all extremely cheap because the market is flooded with them. Got like 15 Marlix's drops stuck at my store, will probably never sell them. This demotivates me as a boss hunter. If there is something I think should change is the drop rates. They should go DOWN, BOTTOM LOW, so that people who actually spend their time hunting many bosses and their resources by increasing difficulty get a decent reward, and not just some piece of junk everyone else has.
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  6. Definitely need to be lowered, but not lowered to the point where we don't see them. Before this buff to them, it had been years since I saw a miniboss.
  7. If nothing else the drop rate should be set to something like .5% for a piece, up to 30% on difficulty 10. Damage is done though, you can't just take out all the massive amounts of boss drops in the market now. They will be worthless for quite a while :(
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  8. As mentioned above, I think that the drop rates for the items are the main problems with the minibosses, the markets have come right the way down, I'm seeing auctions struggle for over 20k for Marlix items... And anything higher than 40k seems very strange to see now >_>
  9. When 2 months ago each piece would get well over 100k, even 200k sometimes.
  10. Perhaps not 200k, but 100k per piece definitely.
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  11. I think Momentus Helmet was the only one that would go over 200k, sometimes even over 300k. Not sure about the price now, don't see many on the auctions these days.
  12. The first couple Momentus Helmets reached 600k-1 million. Ever since, they've been dropping down too, as there are more in circulation (but that was expected). The other miniboss items shouldn't have dropped as low as 30k though, but they have because so many are around now...
  13. If I may add, the drops like the marlix bow are ment to be a stronger then average weapon while not being a promo. So attempting to for silly amounts of rupees is well, silly. they are ment to be used not displayed. in my honest opion I would be happy to sell them for 10k if i didn't use them up all the time.
  14. Well, I'd say it's completely normal for the price to drop. Wither drops were high at first.
  15. I agree that the prices should drop, it happens to everything given enough time. Problem is when prices drop from over 100k for a Marlix Bow to less than 20k in a month. If the prices of houses in your country suddenly dropped to 1/5 of their value in a year I think everyone who had purchased houses or depended on house sales would be pretty pissed off. Oh wait... that happened!
  16. Not sure what people expected from an uncommonly used bow that has unbreaking V causing the supply to be more than demand. The only way I can see a price increase is lowering unbreaking so people use more bows in a given time
  17. or maybe its a good thing its getting more common so that people stop holding onto them so preciously and start using them...

    It's a one of a kind bow that with Shiny Arrows can really do some nice damage! Use it :p

    But the next big update is going to do some massive changes to Marlix.

    It's pretty much "The Marlix Update".

    I can't say things are exactly as requested by people. But things are improving. Marlix is getting smarter. Movement is slowing down even more, movement is becoming a little bit longer path lines so you have better chance at hitting him with arrow, etc, and guardians rate is slowing down.

    So things are def being 'resolved', but theres going to be some aspects you totally were not expecting thats going to make the fight harder and riskier (but hopefully less annoying)

    But additionally, quantity of mini bosses in wild is being addressed in next update too.
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