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  1. You are more than welcome to join us, Mochoa_Frap.

    You can join too if you like, Top_Benny.
  2. Its Spring! That means time to prepare for summer vacation in the Jinsue Empire as it comes around the bend. We have some pretty large scale projects that are going to greatly help the Jinsue Empire's infrastructure, as well as new large buildings being planned in creative by some of our best architects. This is your invitation to come take part and help build up the Jinsue Empire into something even better.

    Murabito's roads have had a make-over thanks to its current Governor, RainbowSushi1989. Also, a number of nice, large buildings to boost its infrastructure, have been constructed primarily thanks to its Governor's Assistant, Dunstun. A special note is Dunstun's new massive indoor farm, and new Governor's Mansion at Murabito. Future development there has been seen thanks to DragoneerLaila's expansion of Murabito near its outskirts. Much thanks to both her and NickkG for those big beautiful builds.

    The city of Hegang continues to develop well and steadily under its current Governor, SpikeHike. We look forward to the implementation of his simplified smart rail station, as well as the addition of new homes in Jinsue's true first urban and suburban city. Much thanks to SpikeHike and to those who helped out.

    We have some great big beautiful builds being designed by SuiikiRyuu - the Governor of Kaijo-Ni - as well as some great, gradual, but steady development of Kaijo-Ni, with its new Governor's mansion and plans for the new simplified smart rail station there.

    We now have a foot bridge that goes from the Eastern Wilderness Spawn Outpost, directly to the front of the Jinsue Empire's Customs Office. Finding your way between Jinsue and town just got easier. This is courtesy of HashHog - an EMC Senior Staff member - as only Senior Staff could build anything within the protected spawn area in the wilderness. As a sign of thanks gratitude to Senior Staff, the Jinsue Empire is helping out in the cleaning up of the Eastern Spawn in willies952002's "Operation Clear Skies" project. We had a very nice clean up of the southern island in an ancient East-Asian theme near the Eastern Wildernes Spawn Outpost. From what I gather, the project is still waiting for further assistance from staff before proceeding, but will likely get going again, with time and approvals.

    We have completed the very first true Smart Rail Intersection in Minecraft south of Murabito and East of Jinsue City. This intersection would branch off to the future planned town of Xueshan, once Lynnia_Wane and Amelia_Wane are able to get started on designing a station. Many thanks to our "Construction and Engineering" team; especially PapaBear84, who managed to finish off a great portion of the intersection himself. A second intersection is now being built that will branch off the railway to Kaijo-Ni between Murabito and Hegang. Plans for a third to branch off to Murabito off the main line are planned as well.

    That said, the "Logistics and Transport" team has been mobilized by DragoneerLaila [our Minister of Logistics/Transport] to assist in gathering resources and stocking them in the warehouse's auto sorting chest. The hope is that the new Imperial Rail system will allow for bulk transport of large quantities of items over long distances, while riders are completely AFK. The rail system would take care of everything! This would be a great boon to the "Logistics and Transport" team.

    If you are interested in joining the Jinsue Empire, making your home there, and taking part in growing the largest and oldest active nation outpost on Empire Minecraft, just message me or leave a like on this post, and I'll send you an invitation into our Discord server.

    Come join the Jinsue Empire!
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  3. Great empire btw!
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