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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a very special thread! So, I'm starting the [Official] Art Thread! Down below explains everything to know! :)

    Art, well art comes from anything!
    • Your Heart
    • Something you see
    • You//Family
    Almost anything!

    So, your job is to post stuff! Post something you drew before! In the first comment, you'll see my pictures!

    Yes, I have a service for this too! Here's the link to the Thread:

    Service [Preview]:
    So, what I do for this service is draw peoples Minecraft skins! Don't worry about sending me your skin, because.. I have a cheat way! (Don't ask.)

    Make sure you show your art! I'd love to see your work! Don't worry; this is just for people who want to do it! I'll be showing some of my (recent) art work when it comes out!

    Also, you may buy my art-work! (In service thread)

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I'd love to see your photos!!

  2. There is already an official EMC art thread here.
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