Official Launch of Minecraftations(beta)

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  1. Hey guys,

    You may or may not have seen my post about a project I was working on starting up in the form of a Minecraft Gallery site. The name of it is So far it features the work of only 3 people, MR2R2m, Eclipsys, & will_iamd. Of course I'm looking for MANY MANY MANY more submissions. With a submission, if created on EMC (not mandatory for submissions) I will of course link your EMC referral page in the description so if someone sees yours and signs up to EMC, you will get bonus rupees.

    For now, I think I'll stroll through the works of the Community Creations thread and pick stuff out of there until I get submissions from you guys (and possibly others not on EMC...yet). ;)

    You can sign up with an account to comment/rate images using one of many popular social networks.

    I'd also like to thank ismooch for the bad@** logo he made for it. :)
  2. Sounds great!
  3. Looks great ICC, I might upload some soon!

    ps. the logo looks bad @** indeed ^^
  4. Yay! I can submit pictures of my creations!
    *Dirt shack*
  5. Don't forget my almighty 2x2 levitating dirt box!
  6. Wow!! That Dragonia Hotel is totally awesome!!! I am always amazed by the creations that people build. I love just looking at them and think, dang I'd like to have this place in real!! lol Great job on this.

  7. Looks good. One thing it needs is next/previous links on each project page.

    I'd also suggest only showing recent, featured and popular projects on the home page and have a separate page to browse all projects. I can envision a large slideshow box for featured projects, three in a row (as it is now) for the week's most popular projects and either three or six thumbnails that can slide across a few times for the most recent projects.
  8. Home Page default shows the most recent. There is a "Featured" button I can press on creations that puts a "Featured" banner on it, but I'm not sure what that does yet...if it keeps it on the front page, etc.

    Good suggestions for the other things. I'll look into different widgets (I'm using the wordpress platform for the site) for it down the road when it fills up more.
  9. Awesomeness overload
  10. I can't remember if I sent in my screenshots, ahaha. :/
  11. I didn't get anything, Alex, so not yet. :)

    @Aus, I added some next/previous buttons.
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  12. Heck out gobstone308's second residence on smp7, he's building an epic house for him and I.
  13. You will soon be flooded by my fantastic creations...
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