Official Flappy Bird Thread

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  1. The most addictive game of all time is not Minecraft, GTA, packman, or anything like that. It is flappy birds. This game is a black hole. It is so hard you always end up with a terrible score. When you get a terrible score you keep playing until you are satisfied with yourself. This thread is to show of your flappy skills and confront your anger with it.

    My best score: 5

    I have been playing for 30 minutes myself and I feel terrible about myself xD

    Disclaimer: the game itself is terrible. It is just really addictive.
  2. I've got to 103 :3
  3. :O the gods have spoken
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  4. I have 40 as my high score. I hate that the top people on the Google Play leader boards have almost 4 billion. I did the math and to get that legitimately, you need to play for 95 years without losing -_-
  5. Sure, you all have some pretty high scores, but you probably spent a while playing? So who's the winner?
    Me. For not playing it.
    I don't like this game, it's practically a skinner-box. I've yet to meet someone who played it AND enjoyed it. They just said: it's addicting.
  6. I played for about 2 hours straight in a geometry class, yolo
  7. I'm not even safe on EMC from this stupid game,
    I've gotten up to 27. All I hear in my classes are the stupid dinging noises, and the very inappropriate nicknames the people in my classes have come up for this stupid game. I've said I'm done with it about 3 times, deleted it, redownloaded it, deleted it again, and threw my iPod face down a few times in rage.
    The man responsible has made this game to just make the world an even angrier place.
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  8. My high score is 16. It'd probably be higher but unlike most people I didn't find this game addicting. After 4 or 5 rounds I get bored/frustrated and close it. Maybe if I could restart instantly as soon as I died and if it didn't lag for a few rounds after startup.
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  9. Let's just be honest here; every game ever made is a Skinner box.
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  10. True, but many other games generally have another mechanism that also helps engage the player such as immersion.
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  11. Why is this game so popular?! Seriously! It became popular through my entire school two days ago and I'm probably the only person there who doesn't even like it.
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  12. Sounds like Candy Crush.
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  13. Hi! I just invalidated that statement, though it is partially enjoyable and partially infuriating. Who knew a game so simple would become this viral...
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  14. Nobody likes it. It just... Like... it... It makes you want to play more, but it's an unhealthy kind of 'I want to play more'.

    "I haven't ate for weeks. Slept for weeks. Talked for weeks. I. Am. Flappy. Bird." - Some reviewer, 2014.
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  15. I've played the game, it just doesn't give me that feeling of "I want to play again!".
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  16. I swear this is impossible, i can't even get past the first pipe area :/

    EDIT: I got a high score of 2 :D