Official Faith Inc. Wheel of Rupees Thread

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Faithcaster, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Welcome to the Wheel of Rupees located at /v 1112 on SMP1

    This thread was made to announce whenever I am taking bets at the machine. Type /v 1112@wheel to be taken to the wheel of rupees once you're on SMP1.

    Top 3
    Seanawesome14 - 150,000r
    joshrocks78 - 50,000r
    ToddV - 30,000r

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  2. Awesome Faith! will do it!
  3. The Wheel of Rupees is open, step by at /v 1112@wheel on SMP1 before we close again. You could win big :O?
  4. gonna go now!
  5. It looks so beautiful...
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  6. Hopefully GMW_I and I can make it!
  7. its ova now :I
  8. In half an hour? :confused:
  9. ish ova i think well it is last i checked
  10. Wow, smart! Few extra rupees never hurt anybody.
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  11. lol