Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2017 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2017.

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    For those of you that don't know what this is, here's the breakdown:
    With each year we've done these, we've grown closer as a community. It's not required to participate, but is definitely encouraged. This is now the 7th thread in the series of Show Yourself threads. It will last until the end of the year and we will make a new one in 2018.

    The rules for this thread are as follows:
    1. Please limit your photos to ONLY real photos of yourself or close family/pets (sisters/brothers etc.) that are REAL and taken in the year 2017. Any fake pictures or joke pictures that aren't you or about you IRL in someway will be removed if reported.
    2. Please keep any non-picture posts related to comments on the pictures/stories already posted. No extremely off topic posts please.
    3. Don't be rude to others. This one is pretty common sense, but if you would get in trouble for saying it on the Empire servers it is probably best to not say it on this thread. Of course compliments are welcome by all, but if you don't have something nice to say about someone's post/picture/store, just don't post it. Show some self control.
    That's pretty much it for the rules. Now let's see all those pretty faces Best Minecraft Servers
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    I love Hello Kitty <3

    Btw: First person to post a pic
  3. Happy New Year, EMC.

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    GoodnightSmith ~ I run 18700 on smp9

    Edit: Also - I'm honored to be featured in the M this year. Score!
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    I play Minecraft and you can find my video game covers here.
  5. Eyyyyy the pictures took over!. Good on ya mods
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  6. New 2017 photo just taken tonight....

    (1st... page)

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    Best Minecraft Servers
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  7. I guess I will this year.
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  8. Lemme find one real quick.
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    I'm bad at selfies.

    If one person says anything bad about my hair I will find them, and give them the most sweaty PvP match they have ever played.
  9. Went out in 2016, didn't come home till 2017 ;D
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  10. ?! You are in exactly 0 ways ugly.
  11. Here you go...
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    here is a second and better picture,
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    I am not evil :p
  12. My last ride around a farm in NSW Australia checking after the chooks.
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    (I promised myself I wouldn't show off my socks in the first pic this year.)
  13. Since everyone already knows what I look like.. There she blows. And yes, The heart emoji is covering a trash pile on my table.. but we don't speak of that.. :oops: On a side note! Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyones 2017 has started off good! <3

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  14. hai iim looking at you <3
  15. Augh So cute xD
  16. Ill post one below...once I get a good selfie that is :p Is it just me or do I look incredibly cynical in this photo :O
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  17. Thanks for the meme
  18. Me and my Sister! (Anon)
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    Me, Dramanya and Sapling,