Official EMC Militia Thread

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  1. Welcome to the Official EMC Militia Thread!


    15/06: All previous memberships have been wiped! Please re-apply!
    16/06: HQ on 18009 is being dismantled. More to follow

    About Us:
    The EMC Militia, despite our name, is a friendly sub-community based in SMP9. We work together as a group on projects, such as malls and wilderness outposts. We are very social as well, and have out own Mumble Server where we hang out and chat. The EMC Militia has been involved with the SMP9 Eastern Wilderness Outposts. If you are becoming bored of EMC or Minecraft in general, and you enjoy making new friends, give the EMC Militia a try! We provide a very socially involved experience that our members want!

    General Info:
    -HQ is located on 18009
    -Access is given to approved members
    -There is a one time membership fee of 250r
    -We own 5 residences in the direct area around 18009

    Becoming a Member:
    We have wiped all memberships from the EMC Militia so we can have a fresh start. We are now also an "exclusive membership" group. This means that not everybody will be accepted. We will only give memberships to those who we feel are a good fit for our team. We want people who are willing to dedicate time, be active and have fun to be apart of the Militia.
    If you feel like you are a good fit for us, please apply here
    You will only be contacted if you have been accepted. We will add you to a conversation with more details. Please do not ask us if you have been accepted!


    The EMC Militia began in 2012. It was created by 555ny and was called the EMC Mafia. We grew quickly until we had around 50 active members! 555ny was unfortunately banned, and the EMC Mafia started to fall apart until Napoleon3665 came in and created the EMC Militia, with JustinGSwag. The two created a HQ at 18009, and started recruiting members. JustinGSwag was also banned, leaving Napoleon3665 as the sole leader of the group. The Militia continued to grow, and we reached 100 members in October 2013. Sadly, Napoleon3665 unexpectedly left us, and the Militia has fallen apart ever since. Now that he has returned, Napoleon3665 chose me to succeed him as Leader of the EMC Militia!


    The EMC Militia has a ranking system in place. The purpose of this system is to provide members with goals that they can achieve by being actively involved. Different ranks also have different perks. The ranking system is as follows:

    Recruit: Everybody starts as a Recruit for at least 2 weeks. Recruits get access to HQ

    Regular: Achieved after having some involvement as a Recruit, such as joining our Mumble server or replying to our conversation. Regulars get Mumble Priority

    Corporal: Achieved by making a physical contribution to the Militia, such as assisting in building the HQ or another project. Corporals get offices in the HQ

    Sergeant: Achieved by being an active Corporal for 1 month. Sergeants get XL Offices in the HQ

    Officer: Achieved by being an active Sergeant for 3 months

    Senior Officers: Only given to original members

    Captain: Obtainable only by being VERY active. This is the 2nd-in command position. It is currently held by Kritacul

    Leader: SteamedEcko
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  2. I've applied
  3. I support the Militia. They were priceless friends to the NR, and have left a lasting legacy on the remaining East SMP9 Wild states with their transport constructions, built with unrivalled efficiency.

    For that reason, I would like to invite the new Militia to Concordia, my newest wild city, to assist us and cooperate. You'll fit in great!
  4. Thank you for your invitation :)
    We would love to come out and help, but there are numerous internal tasks we must complete first, which may take some time. If we can complete all that needs to be done in a timely manner, I'm sure we would be able to assist your new city.
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  5. Please note that joke applications will be instantly discarded and you will not be considered.
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  6. For some reason I think I'll give you the plot back.
  7. What plot?
  8. Steamed requested a plot,never built on it,got it back because I thought Steamed had retired from Miltia and therefore East Wild,and then they posted this,so decided to give it back.
  9. Oh Ok thanks I didn't know
  10. Bump! Applications are flowing in! Add yours today!
  11. Heh your slacking steamed!
  12. How so?
  13. Your not bumping this thread!
  14. When will u tell me about my app
  15. You will only hear back if your application has been approved :)