Official Castle Clash Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by belac555, Nov 24, 2018.


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  1. Hey guys it's Belac555 this is a castle clash thread if you don't know what Castle Clash is Than you should go look it up cause i can explain it it is made by IGG which is the same company that made Clash of Clans

    Feel free to post base tips or hero tips or anything you want

    I'll start it off with my best hero.

    It's a lvl 140 Trixie Treat with the pumpkie ability up to lvl 7
  2. Oh my I forgot about this game lol lemme download it
  3. Are you in a guild and can I join I’ve got 2 lvl 100 hero’s and some 80s also got some cool characters like lady Leo orksbane treanatur and candy kane
  4. What do you play on?
  5. yes im in a really good guild
  6. What is it I play on my phone
  7. My username is agarc115
  8. it's called Skullhunt3rs
  9. mine is belac555
  10. I applied :3
  11. i sent a friend request
  12. did you get it?
  13. Just created my own guild it's called The_Honor_Knight

    also bump
  14. used to have a clash of clans clan and then no one joined it
  15. I like Castle Clash better than Clash of Clans
  16. Ooohwiieee just got skeletica
  17. Bump come join my guild we are very active and do everything