Official 1.5 Thread!

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  1. So at the moment we have:

    Lighting engine overhaul. Current engine has some bugs.
    • First introduced in snapshots 12w39a/b (during 1.4 development), Dinnerbone tweeted to revert back and push this to 1.5
      The features were:
      • Faster overall lighting system
      • Support for fancy lighting control
      • Support for more realistic lighting, such as active furnaces only giving off light from their front surface
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  2. Will there be a modding API?
  3. 1.4 is out?
  4. That's fast.. 1.4 aint even out..
  5. Is this the right moment to.say: 'too soon'?
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  6. Ya idk why they would make a 1.5 snapshot when 1.4 isn't even out yet. . .
  7. Yikes. We don't even have the bugs worked out of 1.3 yet.
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  8. 1.4 = Some time before halloween
    1.5 = Unknown
  9. Then why make a 1.5 thread?
  10. Cause he wanted to steal some of the spotlight from chickeneer also all he did was copy what the wiki said. :S

    Also yeah the only reason there is already a 1.5 on the wiki is cause they are pushing back the lighting fixes to 1.5

    They aren't working on it at the moment that's just whats planned after 1.4 comes out.
  11. 1.5? Dang - I spent ages building my new design for the new lighting
  12. That might be fixed in 1.4 the stairs and half slabs lighting glitch. The darkness that forms in caves and such is the one I think they pushed back to 1.5.
  13. The Mdding API is also being delayed until 1.5 :/
  14. Guys I am going to make a 1.6 thread too!
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  15. They pushed in back in 1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3 now 1.4? It better be good.
  16. I'll go make one for Version 33.6.
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  17. I'll make one for the spheres in 2.0