[Offer] Make your Promos!

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How do you feel with this here?

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  1. I have an offer for you! I will make your own promos!
    You do not get these ingame! I will put up a world download after the first order!!!

    PM me on the forums. Name of the PM is PromoOrderForm
    In the text put the name of the promo (Ex-Ethy202's Bday)
    Amount of items allowed to get (Ex-2)
    The item data in a spoiler
    Item itself (Ex-Hay bale and diamond)
    Name of the item (Ex-Ethy's Magic Bale and Super Gem)
    Lore (Ex-Summoned by Ethy202!)
    Enchantments (Ex-Sharpness III, Unbreaking II)
    Attributes- (Ex-+50% speed and Soulbound and Final)
  2. Unbreaking: Unbreaking 264548
    Soulbound: Commandblock magic: 1. Detect death 2. Give item after death
    Final: Not Possible
  3. Item type: Diamond Axe
    Item name: Battle Axe
    Item lore: So sharp, you cut yourself by looking at it. . .
    Enchantments: Unbreaking V, Sharpness X
    Attributes: Soulbound and Final
  4. Please read the OP! You have a few errors.
    Use a PM for an order. This will keep the amount of replies to a minimum.
    You are missing a promo name!!! (Ex-EMCBday for EMC's B-day)
    You are missing a maximum amount of items!!! (Ex-You can get 2 of the three promos)
    Please use colors!!
  5. I simply copied and pasted the OP from the original post. I guess I'll try to fix it and shoot you a PM.
  6. You copied the item, not the everything else! Lol
    Unbreakable now available!
  7. Item: diamond sword
    Name:The Sword of the Fallen
    Lore:this sword once belonged to the fallen
    Enchantments: fire aspect v,unbreaking v,sharpness x,knockback x
    Attributes: soulbound,final
  8. Shhh, you're supposed to pm him.
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  9. ^^^^^^^^^
    What he said.
    I need to do work, so it will be a little bit.
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  10. I am completely free today! Feel free to order! (I will not accept incomplete orders)
    Please remember to order via PM and use a promo name.
  11. Bumps away!!!
  12. Wait, this item is compatible with EMC?
  13. No. He makes it on a single player world and sends you the world download for the item.
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  14. Well, if you are a community manager and you are op on the server and you have the toomanyitems mod, you can spawn them in. The final and soul bound and unbreakable will work, too!
  15. Boooooooooomp
  16. I dont get it...