odd mobs

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do you think mobs act strange?

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yes 14 vote(s) 60.9%
no 9 vote(s) 39.1%
  1. why do mobs act strange?
  2. Wut mobs? In the last three days I've played maybe 5 hours per day and seen two creepers and a zombie on servers 5 and 7. Not counting grinders of course.
  3. in the town like in farms
  4. No. I was in the Wild on those servers. I even left my sword, bow and arrows in a chest for more room in my inventory last night.
  5. well they seem more glitchy er since the reboot
  6. I have many chickens and sheep in the wild on SMP7 and none of them move now. They just stand there and look at you. And even some of the hostile mobs seem to be standing around.
  7. I and another person were noticing that in town this morning. Whatever it is it seems to be affecting all the servers, regular mobs and spawners alike.
  8. Some ofmmy sheep glitched away....
  9. Sheep will react to you if you offer wheat and the blaze will react if they have a line of sight on you. I also noticed a creeper standing in a corner last night that wouldn't turn towards me until I shot him. Didn't quite put that all together until today when I saw how the animals in town were acting.
  10. curioser and curioser.
  11. The other strange thing I've just found is mobs spawning in well lit areas.

    A skele spawned on the only block next to lava. A creeper spawned in a 1 block wide tunnel where the light level never got below 9. The creeper sis the standing still thing until I attacked.
  12. one time i saw a cow walk theru a wall
  13. For me, the wild has always been like this, but now it is more common. Yesterday, a creeper and skeleton did t react. I set it up so I got a disk. And the creeper just stood there. EVEN when I hit it.
  14. I have seen almost NO mobs at all in the wild for days and days now, have to go to my grinder to gain any experience at all. On the surface in the wild I have seen one creeper and one spider in about 2 weeks real time, going out often at night on servers 5 and 4. Haven't seen a single ghast in the nether for weeks, though the pigmen are there in their usual numbers.
  15. I've noticed for at least a week now that the mobs were acting very strangely (no natural spawns, irregular AI reactions, etc.), but today I actually thought they started to act more normal. A creeper actually chased me and tried to blow me up. I also noticed a decent amount of natural spawns as I was exploring unlit caverns. This was on Utopia.
  16. No one can explain to me why cows jump.
  17. please vote