Odd, Abnormal Picture (Free Spooky Egg!)

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  1. How did I accomplish this?
    You may ask yes/no questions in the 20 Questions style, and once you believe you have the correct answer, you may submit it with [Answer] prefacing your post. Note that even if you ask "is it flyhax" and I say yes, you must submit it with [Answer] before I will give you the prize.

    You only get one [Answer], so answer carefully.
    The first person to [Answer] correctly will win the Spooky Egg, /mailed free of charge.
    You may PM an [Answer], if you wish to keep it secret (although only one winner is allowed, so it sorta nulls the point)

    Some questions I'll answer right off the bat:
    I am using Vanilla 1.8.
    It is not flyhacks nor a mod.
    It is not EMC-specific.

    Good luck, and it's time to put your deducing skills to the test!
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  2. Does it involve a texture pack?
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  3. No. Good guess though :)
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  4. Are you jumping?
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  5. No.
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  6. Is it in Utopia?
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  7. Are you standing on carpet placed over fence?
  8. No.
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  9. Yes.
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  10. [answer] you are standing on carpet on top of fence.
  11. Correct, /mailing now
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  12. The knowledge of sheep farming finally paid off...
  13. I just realised, I totally forgot to get a spooky egg, because I thought it was still bugged :( Then I also missed my opportunity to win this here :(