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  1. Hi, started a project unfortunately it does not qualify for outpost status. Didn't know about outposts until after I started construction. But gonna keep going and I am Looking for moderator help if possible. I need a sponge or several sponges. Or if you prefer you use the sponges for me. I have a lot of water I need gone and filling in and digging out is going to be a task. Please help if possible, thank you in advance.
  2. I think sponges might be coming sometime later (maybe with 1.8?). Until then, I don't think staff can give you special help, especially out in the Frontier. :)

    May I suggest the use of sand/gravel to quickly fill an area. Then speedily placing a torch under the falling stack of sand/gravel to remove it quickly.
  3. yeah I know sponges are coming in 1.8, was hoping to not have to wait for them. I read a post about using tokens to possibly purchase items like sponges and was hoping to get them that way or something. Just not looking forward to placing all that sand and gravel and dirt and work digging it all out. Thanks for the info though.
  4. Yeah, if they do it for 1 person, then have to do it for everyone, and that just isn't going to happen. Looks like you're going to have to do it all by hand, or wait for 1.8.
  5. Staff don't give out sponges, as said above. :(

    However, it's relatively easy (yet time consuming) to fill in large bodies of water. Signs are probably your best friend for this.
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  6. That's a good idea... will use that one.
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  7. Where(which smp) is your base? just curiosity you don't have to say it if you don't want to
  8. Signs are a good idea, I might give that a try . I wasn't looking for the Empire to give me a sponge. I read this http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/tokens/ and this paragraph
    What are they used for(top)

    Tokens will be redeemable for items that other currencies cannot be used to get first hand, such as the elusive Sponge, Dragon Eggs, Unique armor and more.

    Got me thinking I could buy them if they are available or coming soon. Only a moderator would know and be able to help me with the info on how to accomplish this. Besides if I wanted a moderator to do it for me I could just ask them to use world edit mod and just delete the water...lol I guess me saying they could not give it to me and just use it for me was not good form. Just trying to find away to get the water out easier then backfilling. Besides after doing more research on sponges I don't know if I want them now. They don't work so great with large bodies of water which is what I have.

    Guess I will just have to knuckle down and backfill. thanks for the conversation and tips I will give them a go. And I am not hiding it, its on smp7 in the north. I have so far built the begining of a subway type system out to it and glass domed a good sized portion of an underwater area. And started to dig it out so to speak, I am back filling small areas and then digging them out. Basically I want to build a small Atlantis type town or city there. Just doing it for fun., come check it out if you like.
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  9. 1. Mods cannot use WE Sr. and Com. Managers (they can use WE in stage)
    2. WE is not a mod, it is a plugin
    3. Potato
  10. So thanks to some of the advice I got here and with a lot of work Oceania is finished. Had some set backs due to griefing and artistic choices but finished with the construction. It is located north of the northern frontier outpost on SMP7 Thanks again for the advice I got and please feel free to take a look and perhaps you can give some more ideas about how to turn it into a community. Thanks ansuz
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