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  1. If i did this right the pic should be one corner of a temple after being drained, I all ready have sand walls from the ocean floor to the top of the water. I set the partitions 3 blocks apart instead of 5 because I'm working with only 24 sponges and I'm lazy and i don't wanna dig any more sand than i have to, so i figure if I'm gonna have to dig, empty a section and move a wall. yes it's gonna take a while but i think it will be well worth it in the end. I also invested in 2 beacons, thanks to Buda on smp7 for having acouple in stock, makes the guardian annoyance less annoying. Half slab walk ways and capping the sand walls keeps mobs from spawning (make sure they're upside down.) creepers kinda put a damper on the build.

    Draining the inside was done by Gawadrolt. thanks

    will try to keep this updated if anyone is interested in following. mind you this is a learning experience for me and I am all ways open to suggestions and ideas.
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  2. Yes. here we go, nothing special yet but it's coming along.
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  3. Check it out, almost done moving the ocean. the next pic i post won't have most of the scaffolding so you can get a better view. you really need a tenacious bone to tackle this job.
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  4. This looks very impressive indeed! Nothing special he says, well; in comparison this makes my builds rather small :)
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  5. Ok, so the monument is gone, what you see here is an EXP farm. fairly small but it works. I can get to the entity count cap pretty quick. to the right is a spawn dropper, I'm going to set rails and chest carts to pick up the drops nothing fancy. I dont know if i'll keep the exp farm cause it takes a little more than a sword to kill them.
  6. Here we have the prep chamber, this can kill the mob and I have it set to collect the drops, I have a one block of water in the floor which puts them out and they can drop to the kill chamber. I was thinking if i keep this i can put a redstone stopper so they can't go below and i can keep collecting the drops.
  7. Here, we have the kill chamber. in this pic i have 80 mobs, which seems to be the cap at the moment as i have caves which have been spawning other mobs so I'm not really hitting the spawn cap just yet. At my cross hairs is a tnt block, yes tnt lol I was a Combat engineer in the army so this is very fitting for me =). The water fall just above acts as a buffer so the surrounding area won't be destroyed and the mobs will be killed with the explosion. with 80 mobs I can kill 90% of the mobs with 1 tnt.
  8. So, After 1 tnt on diff 1 i gained 13 levels. I'm thinking this is kinda spendy for 13 levels untill i can make a witch farm to collect gunpowder, until then i need to hunt my worst enemy... Gawadrolt.... er Creepers. But this is the only way i can come up with to kill them and not get hit. I can't wait to see the EXP level gain on Diff 10.
  9. can i help you with a wich farm i always wanted to make 1
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  10. Yes, yes you can. I happen to have 2 which huts on my Sapper Hill claim. I'm fairly busy with this project at the moment, but if your around this Sat I can have you start the farm. I can't pay ya, but once it's built you can use it all you want and I'll give ya some land on my claim.
  11. that last post reminded me. someone had asked to help with the guardian farm, I've been so busy I can't remember who had asked.
  12. Hah! You will never find me. I am the ninja creeper. This looks pretty sweet. A lot of work for 1 person :) minus the very very little bit I did.

    Maybe you could buy some splash potions of damage. I don't know if the weapon switch thing still works but should be more xp and a lot more items.
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  13. great can do just send me the guards on Friday
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  14. I did the splash potions but it took like 3 to kill all mobs. Gonna need to experiment a little more with this.
  15. you bet, just gotta get there and find the exact location of the one closest to Sapper Hill.