Ocean Monuments?

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Evesthery, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. So, I need an ocean monument for a farm I'm planning to build. It's fine if it's been raided, but I would prefer that it is relatively intact so I can find the bounding box. Could anyone point me to one not too far away from spawn in the frontier (any SMP is fine)?
  2. i have a spot on amp 7 it is a duel monument
  3. I saw many on my way to -100,000 -100,000 however they were quiet far away so if you really need this farm then you will have to spend the time to get to them, this counts for any ocean monument as most of the close ones have been taken and are already being used as farms.
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  4. Might check them out, thanks. What SMP?
    Cool! Could you PM me the coords?
  5. I know of one that would be a short (less than 5 min) ride on a nether rail. But it's on Utopia
  6. If you're willing to make it public or accessible, I have a spot on smp7 that is 500 blocks from spawn.

    (doesn't have to be totally public, could be limited access)
  7. Smp7

  8. Now with the anti grief & build mode, there are ways to keep it to yourself if you really want to.
  9. Why does everyone have monuments on 7? Life questions here. =P JesusPower, that monument would be just fine. I don't want it public, per say, but with antigrief, and a redstone-locked loot room, it would have the same effect. Could you pm me the cords?