Obtaining Nether Quartz On EMC

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Do you want the Nether worlds on EMC to be recreated and allow nether quartz ore to generate?

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Yes. 7 vote(s) 35.0%
No. 12 vote(s) 60.0%
Can't decide. 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. I have been getting interested in the blocks that can be crafted by the new ore, quartz. I'm actually wondering if the Nether worlds are going to be recreated when 1.5 is released. Otherwise, I won't able to obtain it naturally. This ore will allow us players to make comparators and daylight sensors.
  2. Just to let you know, we're going to get a update and recieve the wastlands world which would have nether quartz
  3. By 1.5, The Wastelands will come out, a wilderness and nether world that will periodically reset. Therefore, this will not be too hard to obtain.
  4. Quartz WILL be available in the nether, but you will have to journey to generate completely new chunks which will be very dangerous but possible.
  5. If the servers get reset then the nether will be reset with them, as well as the End. Both of which are generated at world spawning time. However, I have advocated this before...Look at the Live Map.. Any chunk that appears on the map as black area is an unrendered chunk(s). It spawns when a player walks through the chunk and can potentially spawn anything new that has been added.
  6. I think a nether reset might be cool, although other players most likely have netherwart farms and stuff there, however as we can now grow netherwarts in the overworld, it should not be a problem for people to move it. and if anything i literally have like 10 stacks of netherwart i have grown in the overworld, i would be more than happy to donate some to anyone who happens to lose their farms!
  7. I think that pretty much answers the question.
    And to anyone wondering, The Wastelands will come out alongside EMC's update to 1..5
  8. The current nether and wild will NOT be reset for 1.5.
  9. Wastelands?
  10. Thank you for the reminder, but I don't see the gates to these preparing worlds on every SMP.
  11. Thanks to The Wastelands (or whatever they are going to be called lol), the current wild and nether will never be reset.
  12. Unless I have missed something in the EMC patch notes during my sabbatical, I am pretty sure the only netherwart farms still in the nether are people who refused to move them into the overworld.. I have been growing my wart next to my potato farm.. <,<
  13. Very good to know, and what are the wastelands?
    Also good to know :D
  14. T
    The wastelands are essentially a new wild.... Yet it's an old wild... So it's a new old wild if you know what I'm sayin'.
  15. refer to previous quote
  16. Well we already have the wastelands, so...
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  17. You being legit?
  18. Is anyone else seeing a theme in this thread lol?