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    ... hai

    i haven't created a fun thread in a very very long time, and i think it is probably way past over due. I can't even remember the last time i made a thread that wasn't an auction. :p

    but, mostly the main point of this is the Battcave!

    i just recently put in a library with an enchantment table, that leads to a dark room behind it,

    i plan to add a lot more to it, but that is where you come in! i want your opinions! what should be added? where? how? yes! help!

    .. of course these things HAVE to be batman related, :p well, most things. i had just put in an auction pick up area by spawn, looks very nice i think.

    also, i'm going to make this my official batman thread, :D hehe

  2. I think a store on utopia would be a good idea :) each wall have a batman symbol ...one wall be gold, one be diamond ...etc

    :) first
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  3. Love the periodic table!
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  4. I gotta check out the Battcave sometime, I'm on utopia a bit more lately and just never got the time to explore res's.
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  5. :) i do believe it is coming along rather well! i want to add some more batman wool arts to the sky layer that you can see from the live map!
    i do hope you'll like it :)

    .. also, you're no longer gold!? :eek: i saw your name in blue, and i was like, what is this!? - it was kind of like the reaction to deeewight being green, lol
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  6. I always have ideas. Make dispensers filled with bat eggs hooked up to a redstone clock that you activate when your on and deactivate when your off. Make a batman wool art. Make batman symbols. Make it bigger. Make a TNT powered car somehow. (Like the batmobile) or make a monorail through the bat cave, I could help I found a cool video on it.
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  7. If you want something above ground, Wayne Manor sounds epic to me :D
  8. Why not build Wayne Manor..? o,o'
    Edit: I was beaten to the punch by nanoseconds..:oops:
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  9. that would be a pretty cool idea, but, i have max mob allowance on my res :p :)
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  10. Great minds think alike i suppose! :p
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  11. hmmmmm, interesting, very very interesting! i do believe most of the above ground land is free to be built on.
    (i also want to redo the auction pickup building i made, it looks rather horrid. lmfao
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  12. A battmobile room!
    A battcopter room!
    A battboat room!
    Rouges Gallery room!
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  13. Do it, do it now! :p
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  14. Who is your favorite Batman comic book writer?
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  15. Neal Adams! Frank Robbins! Andrew Helfer! i also like Bob Haney! and of course! Scott Snyder!
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  16. Naannaaanananaaananana BATMAN!
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  17. I went to the Battcave today, got attacked by a swarm of bats xD, I'll have to upload the pic I took earlier.
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  18. Just a question... How did you come to like batman so much?
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  19. Aren't they friendly? :p
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  20. Add a villager to act as the Alfred! Also, what tex pack is that?
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