OBAMGaming Let's Play (Link Of Faith)

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  1. Hey guys!

    After months and months of procrastination, my friend's and I have created our very first episode of our channel on a map called Link Of Faith!

    There is some questionable language at times, so just giving a heads up to that if that's not your thing. It's not very often...just now and then. Edit: Belchmaster is like a sailor as we go further on...

    Give us some feedback, comments, likes, and subs. :)

    This series features myself, tehspiders, and Belchmaster, from the EMC Community.

    We're open to doing any kind of map and doing some with others, so don't hesitate to throw suggestions for that and what not. :)

  2. Ooh, another youtube gaming thing to spend tons of time watching! I'll go ahead and watch the video now :D

    EDIT: Wow! Eighteenth!
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  3. Ohh, looks cool :)
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  4. I will give it a watch ;)
  5. Awesome :D Will it any EMC Let's Play's be linked to OfficialEMC or is this a personal channel?
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  6. I have that texture pack :D
    Not the exact but looks kinda the same
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  7. This is a personal channel. We'll probably do EMC stuff at times as well, but it's main idea is for us to do some non-emc stuff as well. We'll likely do some COD videos down the line as well.
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  8. Link of Faithcaster.
    I like it :D
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  9. What texture pack is it? Edit: Never mind I answered my own question.
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  10. I actually think, this SPECIFIC one we're using is only for the map itself. There might be similar ones out there though.
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  11. What about the Black Ops 2 emblems you asked for ideas about?
    Are the videos for those going up on there?
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  12. that spidey guy is soooo dreamy!!! :D
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  13. This channel will be used for that. We're doing some moving around of recording devices with me and Belchmaster (my roommate) so he can do the emblems better. He's used to his monitor and not my TV, where he did them. Once that's all setup, we'll have those tutorials (and more eventually) up.
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  14. Nice. What did you use to record?
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  15. Fraps.

    We were in mumble to record. I notice the voice quality using mumble wasn't that great in the video. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on something else that would make that better?
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  16. Skype? Possibly.
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  17. I was about to ask that :p make some EMC vids as well :D (y)
    Btw, wich CoD, BOII? but on xbox then or ?
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  18. Blops 2. Xbox.
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  19. Why oh why on console, mp is on easy diffculty there if you compare it to pc :/

    Anyway I can't wait for more video's :D
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