Ob1's Ubersauce Grinder take 2

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  1. Howdy everyone, long time no see =) My schedule has cleared up some so I am able to get back on the Empire again. Glad to see it's still growing strong.

    So I decided to start building a replacemnt xp grinder since my last one got vaporized in the War of the Last Patch. However a question was brought up, since there is a new update coming, should I expect another reset? I bring this up because i had it somewhere in my head from something I THOUGHT I read that they changed the way chuncks were saved and map files so they could be converted to future updates without have to restart or recreat map files... and something about earl grey tea? Anyways, am I crazy or is that true. Refresh me please.

    On a side note, this one's gonna rock. I am upgrading from 20 20x20 spawner rooms to 45 20x20 spawner rooms. Also, I am making it with three modes. 1. normal 2x2 obsidian kill box for xp and record farming. 2. Flip a switch and Ye Ol lava knife appears for hands free drops. 3. Mobs will be rerouted through their shoots and come out through doors around the kill box, which is now a Mob Arena.... woot, I'm gonna be a gladiator.

    I will post pics as I am building for fun. Here is the start last night.

    Oh yeah, its gonna be a sky arena at max height, dont feel like digging out 120 x 120 area under it again... It's fun jumping off of it lol

    8466 FTW
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  2. You may want to reconsider the natural spawner. Mob spawning is very glitchy lately...

    Blaze spawners are all the rage now, but I'm not quite sure why.
  3. well I thought yesterdays maintenece fixed the mob thing.. lol also blazes are the rage because you get so much stuff of value from them :p also they might give more xp
  4. Yay -- You're back! So nice to see you around :D
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  5. It didn't. At least, not that I saw. I checked out a massive natural spawner, afk'd for 20/30 minutes...and not a single mob.

    I just don't get the blaze spawners. For all the materials and construction time, I just don't think they are worth it. They just don't seem very efficient. I don't think the TEXP leaders even use them. Right now I'm 10th, and thats only because I had some tools to enchant. I fell in the lava in the nether. I guess I don't watch where I'm walking.
  6. Hi Margaritte, good to see you too.
  7. Good to know, But.....building nonsence is funner than mindlessly shearing sheep, eh. ANd what else does one do with all the junk in my vault...

    But seriosly good to know, we will find out in a few days if it doesnt produce.
  8. Speaking of around... where have you been? Haven't seen you lately.
  9. Yah, I know -- kinda got sucked into Skyrim... Giving myself a little break.
  10. Yo ob1bob69, long time no see lol, Welcome back
  11. Nice! I give myself one game at a time, until it completely runs its course. I can't play multiple games... I'd never get anything else done!
  12. Howdy Dwight
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  13. Natural mobs at least seem to move now. I actually had to fight 6 monsters on a 500-block long trip at night.

    that's a 600% improvement!
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  14. It's coming along nicely....
  15. looks nice! please tell me this will NOT be public? if it is public it will get griefed like every other public thing in EMC :( dont make the same mistake as i did a few times. dont make anything public.
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  16. LOL, Oh I know better. Trusted supporters only with /map hide on.
  17. Could use more blue wool. Chests set up to buy 64 stacks at 8466. 64r per stack
  18. Glad to see your back ob1bob69! Let me know if I can come and check it out ;)
  19. Ummm it may be different on EMC but mobs do not spawn over the height of Y:150 (May have been changed in the update) Not sure if this is correct but you may want to test it before you build much more.
  20. That would be a nail in the coffin wouldn't it. I am getting frustrated with the broken physics anyways already. Someone explain to me... You start taking damage dropping at 4 blocks high adding a half heart per block therefor 23 blocks equals death. When you add water to the landing spot, you don't take damage from falling 1-3 blocks and 5-11 high but take a half heart at 4 blocks. Furthermore, if you are falling from a block that contains water, you take damge at the 5 block high mark as well but 6 blocks is ok........ All that being said, i had it set up to drop 5 blocks based on my drop tests without falling from water, adding in another block would require shifting the whole thing and would open it up more and allow enderman to spawn. That could be fixed with lots more material of course but.... who cares if mobs wont spawn up there anyways right. Project on hold till that is answered. Thanks Frodomann1 for pointing that out. Heres the remaining ruins that i am leaving lol. :(:mad::oops: