O Hai there...

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  1. Well, I'm the Captain, like the 'Doctor' but more awesome! (and i'm nicer too!)

    I have no idea what you guys want to know, so i'll just start an AMA!

    Ask away! :)
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  2. Do you like pancakes or donuts?
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  3. Hi Captain, welcome to the Empire.
  4. Hey! Welcome!
    Enjoying your stay here on EMC? ;o
  5. Nice to meet you! :) Welcome to the Empire. We know that you'll love it.
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  7. That would depend on what sort of doughnuts! Although I am partial to a pancake!

    I am enjoying it so far! Although I haven't been on much due to work commitments and children! But when I have been around, this is definitely looking like the Minecraft community for me!
  8. Your name tells me different :p
  9. Haha the name is inherited from the days when my father and uncle played a game called 'Pirates' back when you had to sit next to the other player (note the singular) to play multiplayer games!

    The name has no actual bearing on me lol I also use it as an example of 'Don't judge a book by its cover' :p
  10. Welcome! :)

    Do you prefer water or soda?
    Also, how did you find us?
  11. Tea XD out of those 2, then water! I found EMC on I think Minecraft Server List. I was going through the list and checking out the websites of the banners that caught my eye! Looked at the EMC site and decided I probably wasn't going to find a server better suited to me!
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  12. Glad to have ye aboard matey!
    EMC is fab for survival, so I hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Welcome to EMC, I hope you enjoy your time here! Neech! Beune!