Nutty Things ( Funny, Cool And Just Mad )

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  1. Today i was listening to BBC radio 2 and they were talking about pranks, funny thing, cool thing and the just mad and nutty thing that were happening around the world. So i went on to the bbc radio 2 facebook page to see what they were going on about and some of it is amazing.

    Heres and video of a prank that has made over 2 million views alone. But theres more links below

    Thought when i saw this it was just mad and insane.

    Links Here

    BBC radio 2 facebook page

    Magic Of Rahat youtube page

    Share your stuff :p ( Funny, Cool And Just Mad ) any will do.
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  2. Oh my god you know what.
    When i saw the name for this thread that video was the first thing that came to my mind.
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