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  1. Alright so i got to thinking I always have something come up in the middle of builds and it taking me too long to complete a build or something pops up before i get swamped with requests for builds i thought i should change things up where its easier for me and more convenient for others. Basically i was thinking of creating a build or 2 then posting pictures of it then whoever likes how the builds look and would like them build for themselves they claim the build and hire me to build it on emc for them and then once they are completed i come up with a few more builds and continue the flow. this way i could focus on life/schooling (ikr what are these?) and when i get an idea then i present it to others. as far as prices go it would basically come down to the buyer/build. anyone think i should give this idea a go or keep how i did building before? lemme hear your opinions!

    -820 out
  2. This is a great idea, I'm always in need of a creative idea from someone else :p
    I would definitely watch a thread where I could claim a build and have you make it on EMC, instead of a request. I never know what to request in the first place :)
  3. This is genius. :p I hate coming up with my own ideas and I much prefer having a professional give the ideas to me! I usually go through lots of troubles to find a way to describe my build, then make adjustments, then restart, then make more adjustments and eventually it usually ends up with a huge hole in my bank account. Although this may also make a huge hole in my bank account, it's a good huge hole in my bank account. :)

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  4. thanks for the feedback and im glad it seems like a good idea to some of you out there. if there are any suggestions that you would like to see in this soon to come service (im actually planning things out) feel free to let me know here so i can keep it all in mind
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  5. Consider this thread watched. I will definitely be requesting. GREAT idea btw!
  6. been a while havnt done much for this service due to work and all though soon to be time to post some pics of designs i have. another reason is i have been focusing on my display so i can finally get it going up which i will post some sneak peak pics of it soon as well
  7. alright so i got to thinking. been busy lately with life and a few other things that come before my own personal building. but what i thought about was utopia. i havnt built something for someone on a utopia plot yet i have on the regular sized smp plots. it would be interesting to build on a utopia plot other than my own so here is my idea. would there be anyone that would be interested in getting something done on their utopia res? and if so let me know you can also pm me the details if you would like. do keep in mind it would be a week or 2 no longer before i could get it started but i could plan and get details and switch info amongst one another in the mean time
  8. this isnt a bump for this company (as its currently on hold due to my display), but more of an update on my smp3 display. im going to post a few "teaser" pictures of what it will look like or at least the entrance/right inside of it so it doesnt give it all away within the next week. im also posting to those that want to make a bit of money while also helping me out. I am in need of the following items and im leaving the prices up to you guys/gals so just pm me with what you have and what your price is:

    5 DCs of diorite
    5 DCs of andesite
    ICC head
    60k armor
    ghast heads (as many as i can get)
    villager heads (as many as i can get)
    player heads (will set up preview chests of my own to show what i have and only need those i dont have)
    Dark prismarine

    To briefly update those that dont know what im talking about here it is. basically i have been planning out a build on smp3 for about 7 months now though there was a month month/half that i stopped due to waiting for emc to update as i wanted to view how the 1.8 blocks looked put into the build and then of course there was things here and there (life) that kept popping up that took up time as well but all together that is how long ago i came up with the idea for this project. It is what i call a display. im using promos/heads i have been and still gathering and will display them in a way that tells a story and takes players on an adventure throughout the plots and even underground through the whole map as it can be called. for now i am only in need of those above blocks/items but you can still pm me about other promos if you do have questions though. reason for not mining some of those blocks on my own is ive spent the past 3 weeks doing so with other blocks and im burnt out and in general ive been spending most of my time planning the smaller/finer details. thanks to those that can help out with these items and i will soon just move this to a thread of its own.
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  9. bump ;p noone gots things to sell?
  10. I have some heads if you wanna buy em :)
  11. Your build service still running because I need a small drop party room finished on the 16th
  12. I'm not sure if the business would still be running because
    a) This is an old thread you just bumped
    b) There really isn't a ton of notice that you left that you needed something built.
  13. this build service is a big change from my last one. i basically come up with a design or two then i post pics showing everyone and they buy from there then i make on one of the smps. currently on hold right now due to the build off going on which will be time consuming due to the size.
  14. Sorry to say this but I have never bumped a old thread. I looked and saw that this thread hadn't been touched for a month. So it wasn't so old.
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  15. I think that the old thread timer counts a thread as old if it hasn't been touched in over a month, which this one hadn't.
    It was two months since the last post on this thread before yours.
  16. Is this still going?
  17. yes this is the company i spoke of that is still going. though havnt been doing much in mc for a while now due to work but everything will change very soon
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