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  1. Amazing... Ill be implementing a very simplified version of this. Basically a multidirectional subway terminal but it will be underwater and as i said... VERY simplified version of this lol.

    PLEASE let me know your opinions im very impressed!
  2. This looks really impressive, but I suck way too much at minecart stuff to be able to do that.
  3. 1) Wow this is awesome!
    2) Where are you making this?
    3) Is this going to be public?
    4) Will you need any donations?
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  4. What's with all the lists? :confused: :p
    Anyways, exactly what Terr said. :D
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  5. if you need extra iron i can get you some *punches wall because i bought too much iron*
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  6. I like it. :)
  7. I wish LLO had a station like this... Nice though.
  8. Lol, that's what I brought up on the thread!
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  9. About 100% of this has been simplified at some point. I would be creative, and custom out the redstone a bit. I would probably wait till 1.5 because the redstone is funked up, and you don't want to take chances. I believe you could bring in the hoppers, day detectors, ect. into all of this, anyways good luck!
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  10. Well like i said its basically going to be a multidirectional rail system but i will have some trouble implementing it to my res. I intend to make it complete submersive and go to at least 3 "stations" My res features a huge coral reef that im designing. Multi layered. i will add coral - wool/glowstone other blocks. The railcart system will be of glass tubing to provide the riders a nice view. I intend to implement alot of things. For more information please visit my residence 8231 on smp4. There is a big message board that i have created informing people of my future developments. (the tree farm is temporary) All donations would be greatly accepted and il keep u updated on my res.
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