Now that Jeremy is gone i feel safe to say. . .

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. He beat me :(

    With stacks of raw pork. And he said if i ever told anyone he would replace all my diamonds and gold with pink wool. He even showed me the command for it. He was serious.

    I feel like the dark cloud that was named Jeremy is gone so now i can tell the world of his abuse.
    I cant even eat pork now. Not even bacon. It just.....hurts.
  2. what he do?
  3. I feel many will step forward admitting these abuse claims. A true tyrant has left this day.
  4. What? What did he do? he never abused me? D:
  5. Then count yourself lucky my friend.. count yourself lucky

    *stares into horizon and sips on coffee*
  6. Smooch i need to pm you about something urgent!
  7. ..... then do it?
  8. What did jeremy do?
  9. It says......... Jeremy likes beating with PORK! :confused:
  10. ismooch, r u gonna reply to the PM?
  11. yes it is a dangerous world we live in.
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  12. hijacking a thread isnt a place to ask a moderator to pm.
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  13. GameKribJEREMY is Icecreamcow the new Admin. He is retiring the name GameKrib and passing the poition on in their clan. So now Icecreamcow knows....
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  14. *transalated* THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE
  15. Noooo please save me :( He beat me to! :(
  16. What did he do... He's a moderator, why should he beat someone?
  17. I dont know :(
    He is really bad person...
  18. Oh... Now I understand that phrase: In EMC the server trolls you... :(