Now taking applications for "Transporter of Goods".

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  1. I have been without a computer for about three weeks. A new one has been ordered. I am not sure if it will be here prior to the reset. I have many valuables in the wild and am unable to retrieve them.

    Wanted: Transporter of goods. If I am unable to retrieve my items within the last 24 hours prior to the reset, then the chosen transporter will be asked to get them for me and store them, till a time that I can get on.

    Prerequisites: 1. You must have referrals. I want people to vouch for your honesty, character, and dependability. 2. Name your price. You will be traveling by boat for approximately 10 min one way. Then following detailed instructions on how to find the goods (chest are hidden not locked).

    Preferred: An EMC supporter is preferred to hide themselves on the live map. A fortune 3 pick is also a perk if you are interested in being paid by diamonds.

    Contract will be Voided if: Rare items are not in inventory. Failure to respond to activation 24 hours prior to reset (an alternate will be activated ).

    The possibility of losing everything that I have mined for weeks is real. This is worse than a creeper, as I may lose multiple loads of inventory.
  2. I'll do it for free. That is, if I can be on at that time, which will most likely have to be in the middle of the night or in the morning. Just send me a private message or email me at
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  3. I vouch for bob
  4. I offered payment just because it is very time consuming. Very cool Bob. I need to start working on the instructions. I am still taking apps in case Bob is not available.
  5. I can do it, it will be no prob, and I have been waiting for a fortune pick. I can ensure you i will take a buddy, a fellow supporter, maybe Brennian to come and secure the package. I can have it done no later than a day after the PM is sent with minimal item loss.
  6. Meincravta will anyone vouch for you and Brennians' honesty, character, and dependability?
  7. If Bob is unavailable, I'd also do it for free. Though I can't use /map hide so I may not be as viable a component as a supporter.
  8. I won't vouch for meincravta, as he has a long history of tempbans/kicks and is just overall a bad player. Brennian on the other hand, I don't know about.
  9. The "supporter" is more of a "should" than a "shall". Moderators are automatically vouched for by the EMC admin whether they know it or not (If you can't trust a Mod who can ya trust?). If I remember correctly Crazy, You were a moderator but wanted more play time? That makes you ok in my book. Maybe you and bob could team up. It may help with this "treasure hunt".
  10. He was a mod once, although he got demoted for releasing a secret update. I'll still vouch for him, I just wouldn't trust him with any secrets.

    I would love to team up with Crazy again. I miss him.
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  11. I will also do it for free, I have a large storage facility set up on my utopia lot 5118. I want to help people move from the wild since I also live in the wild full time. I've already re-set up my wild Community on smp7, A few people who may be able to Vouch for me: Crazy1080, Aikar, Turdninja (already moved all his things for him)
  12. I'm more than willing to help Bob with the move, Although, I would not want to do it on my own as it is a big responsibility that you are trusting people with. With Bob being a Moderator I'm more than sure your goods would be in safe hands, I would even go as far as to carry the things Bob tells me to, there for the more valuable things are held by a Mod.

    Just me offering my service in a way which would help.

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  13. I can vouch for yapzi very nice guy and very trust worthy can assure you your stuff would be in good hands :)
  14. Tough spot. You already have mods saying they'll assist, but just in case I'll throw my name in. Free of course... it's just a cruise, right?

    • How many trips are you talkin, and on what server? I mean, we have the player inventory and the vault to work with right now. That's pretty big, but for some of the bigger 'wilders' out there, I wouldn't be surprised if it'd take a couple of trips even with that kind of space. Any estimate?

    • If I may be so bold, I highly recommend two-man integrity as insurance for both you and the runner. I mean, what if the place was griefed when somebody else gets there? And what if one player kicks the bucket on the way home? Unlikely, but worth consideration. Wouldn't cost you anything, you've got a lot of free volunteers.
    If you would like to check me out, NurglesRott or Carninj4 know/work with me in real life. And I know Derek_Fawns pretty well. For myself, I'm an adult... with no cause or proclivity toward stealing e-tools or e-blocks from somebody in a video game. Maybe Bob23646 can even post my personal wrap-sheet up here for everybody to review... Should be clean, unless you count kicks for AFK idling. But who knows? Maybe I forgot to pay my rent or somethin :p
  15. I am amazed that you would all do it for free. I have e-mailed bob the list. It involves 6 different grabs involving about 11 chest. I may add another grab. It is in Smp 4. As far as being greifed, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and can't do much about it. I have also listed the things that I don't really care about, to lighten the load. Hopefully my most valued items would be vaulted in case of a players death. As far as the AFK track, I also have one. I found out about them in the morning, used it, and found out they were illegal that night. Previous forums would prove the timeline. I'm with you on the e-blocks, however they do represent real time consumed. This is kind of like a treasure hunt and could be fun. Once again I am blown away with everyones generosity thank you.
  16. Cool, that's kind of what I was getting at. Protecting your stuff as well as possible.

    Yeah, I think most everybody has had one. I was just joking that the "idling too long" kick is the only one I've had.

    Glad you found the help you did! And good luck w/ your new computer. Hope it's awesome :)
  17. I don't think secrets are an issue for me anymore. ;) Glad to know you miss me though. Proves I didn't disappear without affecting the staff in the slightest... sort of.
  18. Actually u guys can make just 1 trip ;)
    Free vault in the wild :D
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  19. That is true. If i haven't met you in game you probably can't trust me, I don't make friends just my talking in the forums, not saying i will steal the stuff, but there are better people. I really wish i can take back those things i said, i really want to start over.
  20. Ahhhh! I was thinking midnight not noon! I'm going to loose everything. Stacks of diamond ore, enchanted picks.