Now open; Thug Mart!

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  1. Hello everybody;
    As some of you may know, I've been working on making a shop on smp5 because there are very few and it seemed like the best place to be. From just being online smp5 I have made many new friend who I now talk to all the time and hang out with in game :D
    But that's beside the point;
    Thug mart is now open! 10002 on smp5; come check it out sometime! :D
  2. i highly recommend everyone going to the top floor, climbing the slabs on the side, and swimming on the roof! then fall down to the floor below! yaaaaay! :D
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  3. LoL yeee Thuggg Martt! :D
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  4. Wow maaan...
    I went 2 da thug mart and i got 213% more thug yo!
    I laik dat place!
  5. kjhgkjhure.PNG
    Missing a "t" :p
  6. That's the point. Everything's off just a little. By having a funny name and being colorful and having a fun floor; i think it makes everyone feel a little bit more excepted there:3
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  7. Oh i noticed the others were off, but with that one, the same telepad on the left side has it spelled differently, so i thought it was an error:p
  8. Yupp:3
    *thumbs up for paying attention*
  9. It's a good job you didn't miss out the "l" in public....
  10. At least it is not missing an L. :p

    Grr, Mr. Rainbowchin beat me to it.
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  11. Thug mart - Sounds like you want it to be robbed.
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  12. Thug Mart; All your SMP5 drive-by deaths here
  13. Mumble crew went decorating with aikar.
    Nice, don't you think?
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  14. I didn't choose the thug mart, the Thug Mart chose me.
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  15. time to go buy everything brb
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  16. Should've gotten A screencap of the front..
  17. Can I buy a thug life here?
  18. Just ran out/:
    Check back soon? I think I'm getting a shipment on Wednesday.
  19. lies
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