Now I feel bad...

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  1. This is just some rant about feels, if you don't like rants or feels, don't read.

    But I feel really bad now after something that just happened. There's a person (Kage from now on) who is nice and educated, but who tends to follow me around my res, looking at what I do without saying a word about anything. I'm building, harvesting and stuff, I go put something in a chest and when I turn around, there Kage is, looking at me.

    Honestly, it doesn't really creep me out, I know Kage doesn't mean it like that, Kage is probably just very bored but still, it doesn't feel right either. I tried to tell Kage in a subtle way that there were better things to do, that visits could be nicer if shorter, that some people might find it annoying.

    Today I was not in the mood for being subtle and I asked Kage what was the point about following me even to other people's residences. The answer was what I expected: that there was nothing better to do out of boredom. To which I replied that it didn't feel ok, because it really doesn't and suggested Kage to play as well, do something different. But Kage said "sorry then I leave" and disconnected.

    And now I feel bad. Am I really overreacting? I didn't want to be mean, I tried to be as easy on it as possible. I could have just banned Kage from my residence and /ignore but there was no point, I just wanted Kage to stop following around like... well, like a shadow and I tried to say it nicely. I... dunno, I feel bad about it and I had to say it.

    And this hasn't happened only with Kage. I am sorry for anytime I didn't answer someone in chat town, or I wasn't available because I was doing something else or playing with another person, but I cannot be always there and I cannot divide myself. I just keep getting people upset because of it. But I'm starting to get a little bit upset myself.

    That's it. </rant>
  2. You are over thinking it.
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  3. If another player is bothering you and will not leave you res when you ask them to then do this
    /res pset name move false

    name of player = there ingame name such as Silken_thread

    as they do not talk I do not see the point of using the ignore command which is /ignore name

    If problems persist beyond this then pm a moderator by going to your index and clicking start a new conversation type in the name of the moderator you wish to speak to give it a title and message they will get back to you.

    I have had this happen to me also and there is no reason for you to feel bad the person has invaded your person space and creped you out. They have not considered your feelings so do not feel bad for standing up for yourself.
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  4. I'm in this same situation Lasluin, I'm sorry :(
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  5. Heh, yeah, I guess I'm overthinking it. Maybe, as a woman, I am a bit more concerned about my personal space, as Silken called it. It's true I could just not let Kage in my residence, but I really wanted to give the chance to stop doing it at own will.

    Now we just talked and I think we reached some kind of agreement. I do want this person to learn something about this. I'm feeling much better now tho, I guess I was just in a bad mood at the worst time for this to happen.
  6. I will preface this by saying: I have never had this problem and I am not a "nice" person. That being said, if I was in that situation I would tell the person it is creepy and they should find something else to do.