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  1. So you've seen ICC's new avatar. You want a picture of you like that. Well you can make wallpapers like that by clicking on the link below. The picture with below was made by Gabrielrocks69 using that wallpaper maker and its really simple to use. To add your skin, type your username (might be case sensitive, so type it that way) and click on the silhouette at the end of the toolbar. It should have that players skin put there.
    Have Fun!
    Friend house.jpg
  2. Seems legit.
  3. So I made a couple others
  4. This is really cool....I made one that will be my avatar shortly...=)
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  5. I had known about this for a while, this is my desktop background =) [The Seventh Doctor and Ace :p]
  6. Krysyy I almost made that one but didn't know who to put in the background
  7. Lol sips is on the roof
  8. It took me a while to think off all their usernames lol
  9. Lol I've watched all of tekkit vids there funny
  10. :p
    Wonder if this is possible on ipad.
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  11. im trying to make one but some of the skins don't wan't to come up from a search.....
  12. Make sure you get the exact username, or it might not get results.
  13. yeah its very case sensitive i got it now:

    like a sir
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  14. Ahz, Sonic and I spent a day making these because we're such exciting people \o3o/
    Explanations for those lost: Ahz is of course the Seventh Doctor, my hubby is Tenth, Brit is the stereotypical Mexican with the poncho, Sonic is the stereotypical mariachi Mexican, POrtalShoo2er is self explanatory, the grey dog is my friend Shinlehra, the teen on the roof is my cousin HydraulicHawg (I changed his skin since, that thing is hideous), the brown creeper thing is Shon14 and the pretty person in the window is self explanatory :)

    I would have put Sniper in the window where you have the Herobine.
  15. I love these things XD One of them is my desktop background. Wouldn't let me upload because the image was too large though :(
  16. Imgur \o3o/
  17. So much work doe :p Theres all the uploading, and the clicking, and..... *sigh*

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  18. zombie in bottom left corner, arrow to the knee.