Notre Reve

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  1. Hello everyone. I've decided to put up some pictures of my residence since that seems to be the trendy thing among the kids these days. A few words about it; I based it loosely on the Breakers Mansion of Newport if you're familiar with that (or care to google things sporadically) It's made of smooth sandstone, nether brick and I think there's a cactus block in the floor somewhere. I took to calling it Notre Reve when I was doing the garden as I tried to emulate the styles used in French Manors but could never have enough room to do so, hence "Our Dream". Villa.png Villa2.png Villa3.png
  2. I like it! Love to see the wonderful things the EMC Community have made :)
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  3. Nice! Why the random jack o' lantern?
  4. Halloween...
  5. Ahhhh